innisfree clamp spatula scissors

Numbers November | Three things…to get every last bit of product

innisfree clamp spatula scissors

Are you one of those people who use your products to the very last drop? I am!

When I get to the end of a tube you can find me simultaneously mourning the end of its life as well as squeezing the crap out of it, trying to get to every last bit of skin awesomeness that I can.

This habit has only become stronger as the years have gone by. I have more pricier products and this is just getting the most out of my money.

Here are my three things to help squeeze every last product.

1. A clamp. | I have a ton of these things from Daiso. You can probably get them at any other dollar store. The clamps are plastic or metal and are used to squeeze out product. The one pictured is from Innisfree. It’s a bit different to the traditional flat clamps I have. This is circular and a lot smaller on one end than the ones that I get from Daiso (which are typically flat and all the same size round).

The Innisfree one has the added bonus of being able to roll the packaging to really squeeze the life out of the product.

If you don’t have a clamp, you could always improvise.

Grab a big clamp and put it at the top of a tube. Set the tube on a flat surface and get out a ruler (or maybe tape two credit cards together) and go to town scraping as much stuff out as you can. A ruler also works just as well.

Paper clips on the side of a tube also works well in a pinch.

missha safe block kids

2. A pair of scissors. | Those blunt kiddy ones with the colourful handles won’t do at all. You’re going to need a nice pair of shiny and sharp scissors to cut through the tough plastic at the top of tube.

Do it and be amazed at all the product sticking to the insides.

3. A spatula. | So you’ve opened the tube. Lo and behold, there is still some product left. It happens. Not a whole lot, but some.

Scoop out the rest and decant in a small container or tube with a spatula. If the product is in particularly large or tall packaging, try and get a long plastic spatula, use a clean cuticle pusher stick or a plastic spoon. Plastic, so you can just throw it away instead of cleaning regular cutlery.

This tool is good for jars as well. It’s less messy and more sanitary than using your finger to transfer the product, whatever it may be. Trust.

Bonus thing: Smaller containers, if you want to decant and save the remnants of product for later.

These things don’t just work for skin care products, thought they are mostly what I use them for. You could try doing this for liquid foundation, mineral foundation, loose powder, lip gloss and lipstick.


Have you used something until the very last drop? What’s your
favourite tip? Let us know in the comments below or via social media!

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