One Love Organics Morning Glory serum

Sample Selection Saturday | One Love Organics Morning Glory

 One Love Organics Morning Glory serumWhat is it: 

A brightening serum for day and night.

In brief: the good and the ugly:

The Good: 

The serum has a grand total of seven ingredients. They’re all naturally occurring ingredients, save the Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride*, which is a plant-based compound.

I like that there aren’t any additives in this serum and that the ingredients are all pretty recognizable and easy to pronounce. This is packed to the brim full of skin goodness.

This is unscented. Well it has a vague scent. It’s not unpleasant and goes away fast.

There is a discovery size. If you can’t get your hands on a sample, then a mini-version of this serum is available. As with anything new, patch-test this on an inconspicuous part before applying this on your whole face.

The price isn’t too bad for a serum. It’s somewhere in the middle; not incredibly cheap nor exorbitant.

On the regular and travel-sized bottle, the packaging is so pretty. It’s simple and clean and just a little bit girly. The large label surrounding the bottle help preserve the serum for as long as possible.

The Bad:

I didn’t notice any tightening of skin or any de-puffing action from this serum. Ditto any anti-aging properties that I can attribute to any featured ingredient. As I only had about three days’ worth of serum, it was unlikely I was going to see any change. Strike that. Very unlikely, since I regularly get ID’d.

Apologies for that little humblebrag.

I’m unsure if all the featured ingredients do anything specifically or if it’s the pooled general goodness of this serum. I wonder if the anti-aging claims and general brightness aren’t just because this serum is very moisturizing.

My skin looked brighter and more awake, but I suspect that was because my sensitive skin turns quite rosy anytime I apply anything onto my face.

Would I purchase?


Morning Glory Complexion Booster serum (15ml, 30 ml) can be found online and in-store at various retailers.


One thought on “Sample Selection Saturday | One Love Organics Morning Glory

  1. Humblebrag — lol…too cute! Enjoy it because at some point it’s gonna stop and you’re gonna feel so disrespected when it does — you’re gonna feel like….com’mon, card me, do it, do it, please!

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