Weleda Skin Food review

Review | Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food review

I’ve never regretted a purchase I’ve made after consulting Makeup Alley.

(Shoutout to the many positive reviewers of the Salux for giving me amazingly soft and exfoliated skin at such an affordable cost).

This is a purchase thanks to late-night reading on Makeup Alley reviews. I was on the lookout for a salve that would be a lot easier to apply (read: less messy) than my pot of salve while also still being portable.

What is it: 

Weleda Skin Food is a heavy-duty moisturizer suitable for hands, feet and any dry bits that are starving for moisture.


Weleda Skin Food claims to be deeply hydrating.


I like the packaging. It weighs a bit more because instead of plastic, it’s encased in an aluminum tube.

It’s like carrying an Aesop tube – without having to pay the hefty cost!

The only downside with this is that sometimes, if you pinch too hard at the tube, it cracks and some cream escapes its confines. It’s not so much a big deal as I don’t go super crazy with my tube squeezer until I get to the very dregs of a product.

Aside: I love things that come in aluminum tubes. Every product should come in an aluminum tube over a plastic one. It’s so much easier to squeeze the product from a tube like this over a plastic tube.

Well, not easier, per se, but I can squeeze more product out of a tin container.

First Impressions:

Despite the largely positive reviews on Skin Food, I wanted to try a trial size of the product to judge if it would be appropriate for my skin. After I used that tiny tube up, I ran out and quickly grabbed the full-sized version.

Skin Food is a bit pricey, considering its size and that comparable products were a great deal cheaper. I didn’t want to eat a huge cost or be stuck with a lot of product if I found this heavy cream to be too much for my skin.

It is quite thick. You do have to work it into skin and you have to really be careful that you don’t use too much.

I find this to be incredibly effective at hydrating my skin for a very long time. Right away I notice a marked difference to how my skin feels and looks.


I would definitely repurchase this. It’s not a year-round product for me, obviously, but good for heavy-duty hydration. This is a staple for me for autumn and winter skin care.

Pro tip: This is really good for air travel. It’s under 3 fl. oz (100 ml) and it is a great ally in the fight against stale, dehydrating airplane air.

I’ve used this on the backs of my hand and feet and I love it. This does a great job of moisturizing for any especially dry bit (elbows and knees) with a tiny dab of product. I also use tiny bit on my dry lips overnight and I wake up to hydrated and repaired lips ready for another damaging coat of matte lipstick.

This is quite substantial, so you really don’t need to much nor do you need to reapply often. You could probably get away with putting this on hands a couple times a day; before you venture outside, as an example.

I find the cost to be a bit high, but I can only see myself purchasing one full-sized product a year. Since I do use it for a lot of purposes, I don’t see any product going to waste, even if I use a tiny bit at a time.

This has a bit of a floral smell. It’s pretty high up there on the ingredients list; in fact, it’s smack dab in the middle of the list instead of at the bottom. Normally I would kick up a fuss about the scent, but I honestly don’t notice it on a regular basis. Most of the time I use it I’m more concerned about my dry, cracking skin. I only ever use it on my lips when they are very cracked and only notice the smell then.

Speaking of the ingredient list, I like that there aren’t any parabens, phthalates, or any of the other ingredients I tend to stay away from.

I like that this is pretty easy to get. In person I can find it at several places: Whole Foods, Loblaws stores and various health stores. I can also get it online for slightly cheaper if it’s not an immediate need.

Would I re-purchase?


Skin Food (75 ml) and can be found online at in-stores at Whole Foods, health stores, Loblaws stores and iHerb and Well.ca. Prices vary on this one; best to do some comparison shopping before you buy. 


12 thoughts on “Review | Weleda Skin Food

  1. I’m always looking for hydrating products – I suffer from dry skin all year and this sounds good. I don’t mind paying a little extra for skincare if it works!

    1. This is the best Sam! I wouldn’t recommend using it everywhere; just on especially dry bits. I’ve held off buying Nuxe’s Rêve de Miel because this is a pretty good night treatment for chapped lips. So thick, but it moisturizes for a long time. If you’re near a Whole Foods, they probably have tiny tubes of the stuff. Definitely try those out before you spring for the full-sized edition!

  2. Great review, as always, Tiff! I like that water is the first ingredient which is necessary to consider it hydrating.

    We have hard water at work so I always top off my moisturizers with a little vaseline to seal in the moisture. Or, I’ll mix my moisturizer and a pea size amount of vaseline and rub it in my hands at the same time. That’s been working really good for me lately.

    1. Really? I find that water can be dehydrating at a certain point. If you have dry or dehydrated skin it’s better to use something oil-based or at the very least, something emollient. Shea butter, cocoa butter or beeswax. Vaseline works too!

      1. I need to layer for the best effect. Weird, I know but thankfully I’ve found something that works. I can use oil based only right after a shower since my skin is still damp.

      2. Hm. No it makes sense. Does the moisturizer act sort of like a primer? To the vaseline?

        That sucks that there’s hard water at work. Try hand sanitizer or something and just avoid overly washing your hands?

      3. Exactly! In hair speak, we would call the vaseline the sealant to the moisturizer. I apply a glob of vaseline to my hands before washing my hands…that really creates a barrier and helps with the hard water effects.

      4. I thought so! If you don’t do this already – exfoliate your hands (or wherever) weekly. Taking off that dead layer will really help with absorbing all that moisture more effectively and quickly.

      5. No problem Jay! Definitely do it more often! I’m sure you’ll notice the difference with your hands after a couple weeks!

    1. Oh, too bad! When I get to the end I tend to carry it in a small plastic bag to prevent accidents. It’s so great, I can’t recommend it enough. Let me know if you buy it and tell me how it works for you!

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