May Lindstrom The Youth Dew serum

Sample Selection Saturday | May Lindstrom “The Youth Dew” Serum

May Lindstrom The Youth Dew serum

Samples allow me to try stuff that I wouldn’t normally buy or things that I would love to buy but cannot due to cost.

This little sample from May Lindstrom is one such item.

What is it:

This is a serum from the luxe eco-focused line May Lindstrom. It has a handful of other products as well. The serum is a blend of oils designed to deliver massive quantities of hydration.

In brief: the good and the ugly

The Good:

The packaging is gorgeous. The real product, not this sample. It comes in an indigo bottle – the better to preserve this serum from degradation – and a handy little pump. The labelling is really smart and in gold. It’s just an amazing addition to your counter.

This is pretty hydrating. Aesthetics aside, this serum is great at doing what it’s supposed to do. I got about three to four days’ worth of serum out of this and I tested it during harsh conditions (read: Polar Vortex). It’s not normally this cold or this drying – even in the middle of winter – but this week has been an exceptional one for all the wrong reasons. Luckily, this serum really helped keep my hydration game locked tight. In addition to my current lineup of facial oils and cream this helped keep my skin protected from the elements.

The ingredients list isn’t bad for you. Nothing in this serum is not an oil. Honestly, all of the ingredients – save the coenzyme Q10 – are some sort of oil. I’ve tried some of the oils used in the formula on its own and it’s great.

I had some reservations using this serum, as sometimes my skin doesn’t do well with a blend of oils. It actually does better with pure essential oils. This doesn’t break me out and the few instances I’ve tried it haven’t led to any sort of irritation! Win!

It’s quite lightweight. I didn’t find it to weigh heavily on my skin. It’s a light dose of heavy hydration.

Bonus: no greasy hands! DOUBLE WIN!

The Ugly: 

There’s a strong earthy scent when you pump it out of the bottle. The good news is it disappears quickly after application.

The cost is quite high. I’m talking expensive. So expensive it wouldn’t be out of turn to call this serum liquid gold.

In terms of performance, the serum held up to most of its claims whilst I tried this sample. It would work for most skin types except for very dry skin, which might run out of this serum at a quicker rate. Oily types would probably have to use this sparingly. Ditto sensitive types in case they break out from the blend of oils.

The coenzyme Q10 is supposed to help with anti-aging. Honestly, with all the oils in this serum it probably does the job on immediate anti-aging benefits. The moisture does plump up the skin. After all, plump skin cures a vanity of ills.

I can’t speak to the anti-aging bit. The sample is a sample and I don’t have money to keep up a regime. It would take years of taking this stuff to see if it worked, anti-aging wise.

I loved trying out this product. I wish it were a lot cheaper than advertised, but I understand why the price is so high. Packaging and the quality of the oils probably play a large factor.

While I think this would be good for autumn, winter and spring I don’t know if it would be good for summer. I would think this would be such a heavy moisturizer for most skin types.

Maybe that’s a good thing, though. There isn’t a lot of this product (20 ml), so you’ll definitely use it up by year’s end. You could also evaluate if it was worth it for you given the wide timeline and span of seasons.

Would I purchase?

Yes. In fact, I have a million times…in my dreams.

Honestly – maybe. That is, on heavy discount or if I take leave of my senses and want to try it just once in my life.

The Youth Dew Serum (20 ml, $134 CDN + tax) can be found at various retailers including Fresh Faced and Eco Diva Beauty. Hey – at least this item qualifies for free shipping!

On its own!


11 thoughts on “Sample Selection Saturday | May Lindstrom “The Youth Dew” Serum

  1. Hi Tiff, I got a good chuckle out of this line: Yes. In fact, I have a million times…in my dreams. I seriously thought you had purchased it a number of times until I came to the in my dreams phrase. Cute! You totally got me there.

    I loved your review. Very thorough and informative. You covered every detail possible. I will be honest, I didn’t look the product up because if it’s that expensive, there’s no need for me to get excited about something that’s gonna hurt my pockets. I have enough guilty pleasures doing that. I seriously don’t need any more. 🙂

    You referring to it as liquid gold is very intriguing though….*I must hold strong and not look at this product. I shall repeat that a million times.*

    1. Hi Jay! Thanks! Even for a first impressions, I try to be a bit thorough since we’re all going to be spending money anyway. If it were me, I’d want to know as much as I possibly could before I plunk down some money. This is definitely something I would splurge on and only if I really wanted to cheer myself up, reward myself or if I suddenly moved to a place with weather that was well below freezing. None of these apply right now, so I’m making do with some oils that I have already.

      PS. Honestly it is so amazing. It’s a luxurious, lightweight layer of moisture on your face. If only it didn’t cost so much! Even in the States I think it would still run you around $120.

  2. I’m never really that into buying super expensive lotions/ oils just because you can usually find a super affordable alternative that does something similarly. I’m all about buying face masks, wrinkle creams, and hair products for a bit of a higher price (since the cheaper ones just don’t repair like they market they will), but I just don’t think that something that *just* hydrates you is worth the splurge. Especially at $120- YIKES. I’d rather buy a dress, haha! 😉

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Hi Marlen – that’s fair. I think skin care shouldn’t be so expensive myself, but I do like quality ingredients so I’m prepared to spend a bit more. I’m with you on the face masks. I’m willing to spend for them too! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. It is really good! I think if my face were freezing and ravaged by winter I would totally snap this up if I had the budget for it. I don’t obviously because I try a million things, but yeah. It’s really good and there isn’t anything bad for the skin. It’s great, just expensive. Boo 😦

  3. Hmm I wonder i you could just find a cheaper alternative since it’s made out of oils that you could find normally? I find sometimes that facial oils aren’t worth paying for b/c you could buy them much cheaper at a health store!

    1. You probably could find something similar, but given that it’s a blend of oils it would probably just be easier to find a similar serum or just spring for this. I think navigating a health food store would be tougher for someone who isn’t as well-versed in facial oils or oil cleansing. You really have to know what oils will work well for your skin – in what proportions – otherwise it can be a write-off.

      With anything, it all comes down to research. Knowing not just which oils to use, but which manufacturers are the best. With some oils – such as argan – the quality really depends on the manufacturing process.

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