Cult Beauty The Wet Brush Moa Green Balm Bed of Nails

Haul | Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty The Wet Brush Moa Green Balm Bed of Nails

I’ve known about Cult Beauty for quite some time, no thanks to the plethora of beauty bloggers in the UK I’ve taken to reading on Bloglovin.

Cult Beauty is a UK-based retailer selling – wait for it – cult beauty and lifestyle brands and items. Some of the brands – Liz Earle, Oskia, Emma Hardie – I had never heard of because they’re UK-based.

For birthday week*, by sheer coincidence, Cult Beauty had a massive promotion and I took advantage.

Normally I would have sprung for a ton of skin care goodies, but wanted to try something new since I have recently gone through and organized my stash. I also itemized my beauty wardrobe and knew I didn’t have many holes to fill. In fact, if we’re going to be completely honest, there are some things I don’t have to buy for years.

Behold the haul!

1. Accupressure mats | These two lovely things with spikes are from Bed of Nails. I have the mat and the pillow. Yes, they are spikes but they don’t really hurt…much.

I’m going to be honest, technically I can get this in a store. But I did the math and even with a coupon it was going to be a lot more expensive at the store. So I sprung for the set online and I’m so glad I did!

You see, Bed, Bath and Beyond didn’t have this in black.

2. Moa green balm | I have wanted to try a balm for ages. I had tried the One Love Organics Skin Saviour balm, but that was a sample. I love oils and was wondering if a balm might be just as beneficial in the winter. My skin really needs the hydration and doesn’t do well in cold, dry and windy weather. I had done my research on Moa before and read up on it’s reviews, uses and product information.

I have a tiny pot which I thought would be prudent since I wasn’t quite sure how it would react to my skin.

I find I really like natural products, but sometimes with blends of oils my skin gets a bit irritated.

3. The Wet Brush | Besides the Wet Brush I only have one brush. I used to have a seamless comb from Sephora which has mysteriously disappeared.

My other brush is not so great at detangling and after much deliberation, I have chosen The Wet Brush among other detanglers in the marketplace.

It took a lot more deliberation than it should have done, but I normally don’t buy anything for my hair. I do a bit more hemming and hawing when I’m out of my element.

So excited to try all of these out! Shipping was stupid fast. To North America it took about 3-4 days from their headquarters in London. I only received notice early in the following week because the post forgot to tell me I had a package!

* I realize how strange it is to have haul posts during Numbers November, a month where I am doling out frugality, saving and stretching your money. This package actually came a month ago, so not so strange! Just a matter of scheduling!


Let’s talk about the concept of “cult beauty”. I feel like a lot of
beauty junkies kind of love much of the same things.

Do you have any cult beauty loves? The only one I can come up with is my
Salux bath towel. Let me know what your favourite cult beauty
items are in the comments below or via social media!

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6 thoughts on “Haul | Cult Beauty

    1. Jay – it is honestly my favourite purchase ever. OK, in recent memory. I’ve fallen asleep on this mat. It’s so relaxing. After the first two minutes of discomfort, I feel a swell of heat and then I can feel my blood pulse as it circulates through my body. It doesn’t sound nice, but it feels awesome! And if you were wondering: I don’t have a very high pain tolerance!

      1. I’ve seen weirder ones. It’s why I sprung for the black and white edition. But yeah – it’s amazing. Highly recommend it!

    1. I think it’s pretty awesome that you’re doing the ban regardless Chie! Totally going to join in with one day off on my ban (Boxing Day, or the day better known as the day after Christmas). So curious to see what you get for the next haul!

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