Numbers November

Numbers November

Numbers November

I am experimenting with monthly themes on the blog. Since the previous ones – Sample Swag September and Organize October – were received fairly well I’m going to continue with the topics!

This month’s topic is going to be gnarly. We’re talking numbers on the blog this month!

It’s pretty appropriate given that November is when consumers typically start getting gung-ho about holiday shopping. Not only does November signify Sephora’s bi-annual sale – this week, by the way – all the holiday palettes, beauty advent calendars and limited edition items are available for sale.

I know numbers are a pretty touchy topic, so this month’s blog is going to be less personal and full of helpful tips. Barring reviews, who am we to tell you how to spend your money?

But I’d like to open up the month to a discussion about spending habits and choices as well as tips to stretch your money further.

Let’s just hope you all stick around till the end of the month!

Numbers November – let’s go!

The true cost of beauty is…


2 thoughts on “Numbers November

    1. Yeah – I knew roughly how much to expect, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for forever! I think you should do it! If only to know how much it costs and if you need to cut back on specific sectors! Let me know if you do it! 🙂

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