AMtoPM beauty calendar

Organize October | Scheduling beauty habits, rituals and chores

AMtoPM beauty calendar

I am pretty on top of schedules, but there are times I can be pretty absentminded. There are also a couple of instances where I just don’t want to do something and put it off as much as possible.

Strike that. A lot of instances.

Today’s post is a bit of a riff off of last week’s Organize October post on how to itemize the beauty stash.

Here are some things that I do to keep organized, healthy and looking on point. Always.

I have spoken about how much I love organizing via tech, but you can also do this with a physical planner.

1. Schedule, automate and issue reminders for (weekly) tasks.

There are some chores I do that are beauty-related every week, namely washing my makeup brushes, deep cleaning my sponges and brushing and washing my hair brush.

Yes, that’s right. I brush my brush.

I usually remember, but on weeks that are more hectic, I can leave these chores by the wayside.

I have a special “beauty” calendar for these things that sync up to my Google Calendar on my phone and my computer. Every time I feel like I’m about to shirk a beauty chore, I only have to look at my phone to feel guilty and get my butt in gear to do what needs to be done.

Some of these reminders rock!

Some of these suck to read.

All of them are useful.

2. Schedule reminders to go shopping for replacements and toss out products.

I talked about the importance of tossing out products, and a main purge on a previous Organize October post so I’m just going to gloss over this tip. I input expiry and replacement dates on my phone as soon as I open a product. I also issue reminders a week before so I can take the time to reflect and evaluate whether I will repurchase the product or something similar.

It is quite possibly the single most amazing thing that I have ever implemented. When I did that, my life became infinitely more organized.

3. Schedule out monthly/occasional reminders on your phone and computer for big clear-outs and organization maintenance.

Do you have a storage system in place? Do you want to put one in place? I like to schedule the time to clean out my stash, my storage systems and give each product a solid evaluation. Toss out expired goods, allocate things to give to other people and input each product in my beauty inventory system.


Do you keep a beauty calendar as well? Or are your rituals done whenever
you can find the time? Let us know in the comments or via social media!

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6 thoughts on “Organize October | Scheduling beauty habits, rituals and chores

    1. Thanks for holding the linkup Natalie! And thank you for stopping by to comment. I even put reminders to toss things away! Scheduling all these tasks has been a total game-changer! Glad the post helped!

  1. I have a label maker & print out the opened date & slap that on mascaras, creams… When you have a never ending stash, it’s tough to keep track 😉 I do keep a spreadsheet of all items purchased, which ones are in rotation, which ones I want to repurchase… but my calendar is already cluttered, adding expiration reminders would drive me nuts LOL

    1. Thanks for stopping by Daniela! You sound like you’re more qualified to have written the post, haha. It was really easy for to put in the reminders. Usually I tear into a new product one at a time, so I take note of whichever day I open a product and add however many months the manufacturer says it’s good till. I get it though, some days looking at my calendar is cause for a panic attack!

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