AMtoPM SK-II facial treatment essence cacao butter

Haul | Duty-free + holiday goodies

AMtoPM SK-II facial treatment essence cacao butter

There are so many things I love about travel: getting out and experiencing new food and new cultures; meeting people; shopping and turbulence.

Oh yeah, and duty-free shopping.

I don’t often purchase at duty-free. I do greedily set my sights on products that normally cost an exorbitant amount of money, sold at a fraction of the cost.

Though I usually don’t leave duty-free with a purchase of my own, I do end up with a pretty lengthy wish list for products to research and save up for the next holiday.

Two years ago was the first time I really bought cosmetics duty-free. The bounty consisted of 2-for-1 Laneige Water Bank sleep packs, O HUI age recovery essence and my first Hera CC cream.

I had a lot of previous trips to make up for.

After a long spell of no duty-free shopping, I broke the cycle. I bought myself a bottle of SK-II facial treatment essence at a fraction of the cost. I was talking to a friend while at duty-free and she asked me if I was OK when I read the price.

Excuse the humblebrag, but it was just that good!

Similarly on a trip, I like to stock up on beauty products from the place I visit. Like the Vogue issues I pick up at every destination, they are my souvenirs. Not only do I get to consume them, I get to experience the culture. Plus I get to avoid the kitschy and tacky traditional souvenirs that people don’t know what to do with when they come home.

After much deliberation, I ended up picking up a bottle of cacao butter. I happen to love eating and drinking raw cacao. I’m hoping it is just as good for the body applied topically and cosmetically.

I’m a bit proud and surprised, but mostly bummed that I only came away with this. All over there were advertisements for honey, chocolate oil, mango oil, shea butter, snail cream and whale sperm.

Yes. Whale sperm.

(A quick conversation with Jan made me question a purchase. It made me realize how crazy it was to want that near my face.)

Doesn’t mean I won’t try these products on their own later – barring the whale sperm, of course. I really liked the push for natural, low-maintenance beauty. So I will definitely find and use these and report back one day!

Until then, I’ll be putting these two products up for review!


What’s the coolest/most expensive/unique thing you’ve
picked up on holiday or at duty-free? We want to know!
Tell us in the comments below or via social media!

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4 thoughts on “Haul | Duty-free + holiday goodies

    1. I love the stuff I buy at Asian airports! At Jeju airport there was this massive package of sheet masks from Innisfree (dur, because Innisfree is mostly known for its use of Jeju ingredients) and it was like..$30 USD? Such a steal!

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