Winterize your skin

Summer is gone and it’s taking a lot of humidity, warmth and fun times in the sun with it!

I still have my holiday tan and was naïvely hoping that home would still be holding on to summer as tightfistedly as I was.

Unfortunately, I stepped out of the airport to rain, overcast skies, cool breezes and brilliantly covered leaves. Either strewn on the pavement or still hanging on to their branches.

I have to face reality: winter is coming.

Here are my picks to staving off colder, drier temperatures.

1. A good facial oil // I included a facial oil – Kahina Giving Beauty’s Argan Oil – in my summer skin care regimen. Facial oils are also a staple in my fall/winter lineup. Depending on how cold it’ll get, I’ll use a heavier oil.

2. Moisture, moisture everywhere // Coconut oil. Sesame oil. Cacao butter. Skin food. These are the bulk of the products that I’ll be relying on for the next couple of months.

Coconut is a light oil that provides a lot of hydration. Sesame oil, for when the weather takes a harsher turn, is more thick and delivers a big dose of warmth and moisture.

Skin food is something you won’t ever find outside of my bag. It’s a great hand lotion, lip balm and is my saviour that I put on arms, cuticles and elbows.

Cacao butter is something I have yet to try but was very excited to purchase on holiday. There were a lot of other things I wanted to buy (Jan can attest to this) but resisted! Check back on the blog for a review.

3. Exfoliator (for the body) // Sloughing on moisturizer on top of layers of dead, dry skin doesn’t do your body good. Exfoliation is good year-round, but I find it’s especially necessary during autumn and winter. A dry brush is an amazing tool. I found the dry brush before the Salux and have used it ever since. I use this early in the morning and it gives the added benefit of aiding me in waking up faster. It’s all the vigorous brushing, contorting and effort it takes to dry brush I suppose.

Dry brushing regularly has given me soft and smoother feeling skin. Erasing that layer of dead skin helps my body oils and creams to absorb better into my skin.

The Salux is something that I’ve talked about on the blog. It’s a cult favourite and most people who have used it are fervent believers in its special powers. I’m serious. I had my first Salux stolen from me. A used one. At a public bathhouse.

Someone took my used Salux at a bathhouse, because they realized how awesome it was.

I was heartbroken.

It is only used wet and the nylon towel cleans as it exfoliates. Be warned, the sight you’ll be welcomed to after you finish your shower will be a grisly one.

The coarse texture of the towel may take some getting used to, so tread lightly! This is especially true for sensitive folks and for those who aren’t used to using anything more abrasive than a loofah.

Dead cheap, light, easy to clean and dry, and a great travel companion. There are so many things to like about the Salux and so many reasons why purchasing it would be a wise decision.

4. Exfoliator (for the face) // Following the same logic, exfoliation for the face (and other sensitive bits like the neck and chest) are just as important and shouldn’t be neglected. A layer of dead skin hinders the potency of creams and serums. Not exfoliating weekly is like throwing money away, especially true if you have expensive products.

Winter skin always ends up looking dull and lifeless; exfoliation uncovers fresh and brighter skin.

I’ve got a physical exfoliator as well as a chemical one. Cure Aqua Gel is a gentle physical peel. I take a couple pumps of this, spread it on my face and massage. Eventually – and without exerting much energy – I get balls formed of dead skin that look a lot like eraser shavings.

Skoah’s AHA gel is a chemical exfoliator. It’s a mask that you leave on for 20 minutes and rinse off. Alternatively, it can be used as a sleeping mask that is rinsed off in the morning.

5. A good accessory // OK. This isn’t a skin care swap – more of an addition – but it is important. It doesn’t matter how much lotion I slather on if my skin is constantly being embattled by the elements. This is where all the cool autumnal accessories come into play! Gloves are really great for keeping hands protected from wind, snow and rain. Earmuffs are great to protect against dry, red ears. Weirdly, most people forget their ears are part of their face. Ditto scarves which protect the fragile skin of the neck and chest.


What are some of your skin care swaps for the new season?
Let us know in the comment section below or connect with us!

(We’re friendly. Swear!)

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21 thoughts on “Winterize your skin

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I am jealous. Perhaps you can give me some tips on how to keep my face matte-free in return! Haha

  1. I love this post and will recommend it for the feature of the week on the upcoming Wake Up Wednesday. Oh, by the way, I’m one of the co-hosts. Please swing by my blog and show me some love as well. A friend of mine sent me a knockoff Salux and I love it! My skin feels smooth and soft.

    1. Thank you! Jan and I are absolute suckers for positive feedback! 🙂 Glad to hear you love your bath towel! They are the best, aren’t they? I will definitely swing by. I love discovering other blogs! Thanks again for stopping by and supporting 🙂

      1. Hiya Tiff, thanks for swinging by my blog earlier. I love finding new blogs as well, especially those that appeal to my likes — hair, health & beauty! See you around and let’s not be strangers to each other. Be blessed!

    1. Hey Tanya! If only I could spread around moisture like that, but I know I’m the type of person who would forget all the balms I hid in various spots. Come spring, I’d probably have a ton of barely-used moisturizers and lip balms to go through. Let’s make this winter the most moisturized year yet! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hey Amy! Thank you for stopping by! I’ve never lived in a desert myself, but I’ve had miserable winters in dry, bone-chilling cold. I can sympathize. Glad you enjoyed the tips!

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