AMtoPM how to organize beauty stash inventory

Organize October | A newbie’s guide to itemizing your beauty stash

AMtoPM how to organize beauty stash inventoryI’ve got a lot of stuff. I do. I’m a hoarder. Especially when we talk about beauty.

When I moved back and stopped being an expat, I stocked up on a lot of essentials. I’m talking two boxes shipped, consisting strictly of skin care and makeup goodies.

With the nature of my hoarding tendencies and my need to stay on top of all those expiry dates, I’ve created a system to keep on top of it all.

The worst thing in the world is knowing that I have so much stuff and can’t possibly use them all, because they’re halfway to their expiry date (if not already expired) by the time I get to them. It makes me want to cry as I visualize all that money down the drain.

Also pretty up there are the times you realize you’re out of something, run out and buy it, only to find out you have three of the same thing at home.

Or is that just a thing unique to me?

Behold my secret to keeping on top of it all.

A spreadsheet!

Yes. Sorry. It’s not anything flashy. If you’d rather something more tangible, this can easily be done with a notebook.

I happen to like a spreadsheet because it’s easy to edit, add to and remove. When I’m updating the spreadsheet, I will also update my calendar to put in reminders and expiry dates.

1. Categorize your inventory.

I have a master spreadsheet with a few tabs to keep everything in order. I have five: skin, makeup, hair + nails, tools + accessories and untapped goods.

2. Decide on your columns.

Mine are pretty straightforward.

• quantity
• the date opened
• the date to replace/toss
• what it is (brand, product name and a brief description)
• how much (hidden)

3. Stick to it.

A recurring theme on all Organize October posts is the last and most important tip! Consistency. Without it, there is no organization.

There are so many reasons why I have a list: to prevent overspending, to prevent spoilage, to keep track of everything I own.

The most important one is probably peace of mind. Knowing exactly what I have helps me from freaking out when I’m doing my Sunday facial and realizing I’m at the dregs of a bottle, only able to do half a face mask.

That grisly image helps me keep on track with my list.


Do you have a system in place? What does it look like?
Let me know in the comments below or via social media.

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12 thoughts on “Organize October | A newbie’s guide to itemizing your beauty stash

    1. Definitely let me know how it goes, Angela! It does take a while, but this whole month is about organization so it really didn’t take as long as I had anticipated. Well worth the effort!

    1. It was hard for me too because I have a lot of stuff, but it’s so easy to update now that I have most things organized! You can do it Jhem! 🙂

    1. Hey JoJo! Thanks for stopping by. Honestly, it took me about two days of prep to go through it – mostly because I needed to organize and toss some stuff before itemizing it all. If you ever do this, let me know how it goes!

  1. oh my gosh, I’ve never seen anything like this – super scary organized and a fabulous idea. I guess I don’t have enough product to track in this manner, besides samples, I hardly ever have more than 2 items that fulfill the same goal. And then I only replenish or buy new items as the things get used up.

    1. Thanks! It means a lot that other people think it’s equally brilliant. I am ridiculously proud that I thought of it, but I know a lot of other bloggers/beauty lovers do their own version of the spreadsheet. I’ve got a special sheet for samples and I find it helpful to scroll through the sheet than look at my box of stuff to see what to try next. It’s pretty much the same deal as the product inventory: brand/type/appropriate season/received/repurchase or pass.

      One day I’ll pare it all down. Hopefully the spreadsheet will shrink alongside my stash!

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