AMtoPM beauty advice for teen girls

A letter to my younger self

AMtoPM beauty advice for teen girlsHey guys! It’s birthday month on the blog. Not only is October our blog birthday, but it’s mine as well!

Jan’s birthday isn’t in October.

Oh well.

In honour of this special time, I just want to write a little something. A little letter for my younger self.

Dear younger Tiff,

I don’t know what to tell you.

Technically we’re grown-ups now, but we still get carded. A lot. It’s a curse I know you wanted to get rid of, but it’s still a cross we have to bear. Try not to get freaked out when someone comes up to you and mistakes you for a high school student.

Always remember to bring ID everywhere. No matter how unlikely it is you will need it in a given situation.

It’s all thanks to the diligent skin care regimen you’ve kept up. Don’t get lazy with cleansing and SPF application. It will get harder to be so on top of things, but power through. It’s so worth it. 

You’ve always really taken pride in looking good. Know that one day you will take this interest up a touch. A lot of notches, actually. 

We still won’t be that interested in makeup, though it becomes more interesting as soon as you visit places that aren’t the drugstore and you have a lot more money to spend. You will still love skin care and get even more immersed into it.

Do everything you’re doing right now: hydrating often, practicing a daily regimen and eating right.

Actually, eat a little better while we’re at it. And sleep a bit earlier.

Weirdly, though all of these things are simple and straightforward, they will seem a lot harder to do the older you get. Don’t lose sight of what is important. 

Keep things consistent. It’ll be hard; you’re a bit of a magpie, but try to do this to the best of your ability. Honour the skin you have and use things that are appropriate, no matter what the packaging looks like. 

While we’re on the subject, expensive doesn’t always mean quality. It’s all about how you use a product, not how much it costs. 

Be curious. Some of the best brands and beauty tips, tricks and products come from places you wouldn’t expect in the least. Keep an open mind on all things. 

As much as you love the beauty industry, don’t buy into all that they say. You are inherently beautiful, and it doesn’t come from being tan, looking as white as you can or having a contoured face on the levels of Kim Kardasian. (You don’t know who she is yet, but she is – apparently – kind of a big deal.) As cheesy and trite as they may seem, it’s so true. There is no standard of beauty you need to adhere to.

Looks fade; true beauty is encompassed through good humour, a lively personality and an intellect that you let shine. 


What are some things you would tell your younger self?
Let me know in the comments below or via social media!

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8 thoughts on “A letter to my younger self

  1. Happy birthday, Tiff!! Hmm.. I don’t know when’s the exact date, but I was hoping that my greetings isn’t too late.
    Why did you remind yourself to always bring ID? Why? Do people always mistaken you as underage or what? Forgetful?

    And I wish I could tell my young self not to use Ponds cream! Never.

    1. Hahaha thanks Jhem. It wasn’t too late! I remind myself because sometimes I need to prove how old I am. Interesting – why not to use the Ponds cream? Heard it’s good!

      1. Haha, okay~~ okay 🙂
        Because since I tried using it for just a week or two (that was years ago), my face has started to breakout. I think, it was triggered by Ponds, so even I stopped using it, I continously suffer with my face’s condition for so many years.

  2. Hmm interesting question. I would tell myself to be braver and not care so much about what people think. To try out for that sports team or to take that chance I didn’t take on someone.

    1. If we take this question out of the beauty sphere, I would definitely say the same about myself. Take chances, experiment and find out what you like regardless of how you think people might respond!

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