AMtoPM innisfree eco science lotion

Sample Selection Saturday | Innisfree eco science lotion

AMtoPM innisfree eco science lotion
Up for review this week is a moisturizer. Anti-aging moisturizer! This might be the last of the light moisturizers I’ll review for awhile. Curse you, autumn!

What is it:

I’ve talked about Innisfree’s eco science line before. Last week’s eco science wrinkle spot essence treatment and the eco science skin have been past Sample Selection Saturday posts.

Eco science skin is a line from Korean beauty brand, Innisfree, and is made of marine plants off the coast of Jeju island. The line is anti-aging and is comprised of skin, lotion, serum, eye cream (and stick), spot essence treatment and cream. The line also has targeted masks for lips, frown lines and undereye areas.

In brief: the good and the ugly

The good:

Did not cause any irritation. After Sample Swag September, it’s something that I’m more cognizant of.

I liked how moisturizing this was. It was light, but that doesn’t mean the hydration wasn’t adequate. I like this for day and night use. It sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave a weird finish or residue.

I made mention in past posts of how I wasn’t a big fan of this line’s smell. It’s a very vague and subtle marine scent. Now I’m going back on that. The smell has grown on me.

The ugly:

I don’t see any sort of wrinkle benefit, besides the obvious, providing moisture to my skin. Hydrated skin is always youthful-looking skin.

The sample is too small for me to comment on its claims in any way and the product isn’t well suited to my skin type.

Nothing bad about this product, just not a good fit for my skin.

Would I purchase?


Innisfree eco science lotion (100ml) can be found on Innisfree World for $31.34CDN.


2 thoughts on “Sample Selection Saturday | Innisfree eco science lotion

    1. Chie! Hello! I love it when you stop by! My skin type is combination (oily/dry, depending on how the weather is that day). The texture is pretty resilient. My only issues are hyperpigmentation and some dehydration in the winter. I like the idea behind the lotion, but I just don’t think it would be for me at this time.

      I am pulling for you on this spending ban! I did one for clothes years ago and it really helped! Will definitely be doing a beauty ban in the coming months. Maybe after the Sephora sale. haha

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