5 beauty tips I learned on holiday

AMtoPM vacationLast week I was on holiday. Getting tan (despite copious amounts of SPF), getting kissed by animals and spending too much money at duty-free.

Well worth the money.

Besides the memories, the tan and the duty-free haul, I came way with these five things from my (tropical) vacation.

1. Do your due diligence. // Besides checking out what things I should pack, see and do on my vacation, I decided to let go and let things happen as they evolve.

That was very unlike me. I like planning. If I don’t have stringent plans, I at least have some loosely-made ones.

I checked the climate and weather report for the days I was on holiday.

What I didn’t check was whether there was hard or soft water. I should have.

The local water was hard water.

My skin was super dry for that week, despite putting on some aloe gel and coconut oil. I sacrificed some beach time trying to completely rinse out my hair.

Thankfully for me I brought my dry shampoo. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any Créaline, or another micelle cleanser.

I could have really used those micelle cleansers.

2. Realistically plan for your trip and activities. // I didn’t bring a lot of beauty stuff. I brought an eyelash curler, a coral lip and a mineral foundation. I knew I was going to stay on the beach, stay outside and hoop for most of my trip.

Save for some dinners where I used a light layer of foundation, I didn’t use a whole lot of makeup.

Just a lot of skin care products.

3. SPF SPF SPF! // Except for some bug spray and a regular size of sunscreen I had a friend tow in her luggage, I carried all my products on my carry-on. It was a challenge, but doable.

Most of that was all SPF. L’Oréal sunscreen, Missha sunblock and Nature Republic’s UV sun liquid.

I attribute that large quantity of protection to be the reason why I didn’t tan as much as I normally do (I tan like 5 shades if I stay out in the sun all day) and why I never got a sun burn. Not once.

4. Protect yourself. // As much as I love the sun, I am a bit photosensitive. Shade and cabanas were my best friends! Ditto hats with large brims, sunglasses and palm fronds. Very large palm fronds.

When there isn’t any shade, bring and make your own.

I did feel a bit ridiculous when I brought out my parasol to walk to and from my shaded area on the beach. Then I noticed the locals doing the same as they walked from building to building.

That made me feel so much better about carrying an umbrella!

It made me so crazy to see all these people tanning under the hot heat of the Caribbean sun. Some of which would rarely, or never, use sunscreen.

Please use sunscreen. Apply daily, even on overcast day. Definitely reapply after swimming, every couple hours and anytime you feel like you might need it. Seriously. If not for the anti-aging benefits, because it is dangerous to your health not to.

5. My skin looks pretty good naturally. // As a beauty blogger, it’s a little hard for me to part with all my serums, creams and face stuff. But honestly, that week I led a pretty low-maintenance (cleanser, cleanser, moisturizer and SPF) routine. My skin looked pretty amazing.

It’s OK to let your skin breathe. For me, it was a necessity. I couldn’t bring anything that wasn’t essential. It was refreshing to embrace a natural look. It’s something I’ll definitely be trying it out in the future. Not only did my skin feel light and wasn’t burdened by products that would have to be constantly reapplied and refreshed, but it was great to confront some of my beauty hangups and get real about my skin and my own view of beauty.

Love the skin you have!


8 thoughts on “5 beauty tips I learned on holiday

  1. Whoa, Tiff, you’re really a beauty blogger! Have so many beauty buddies, exactly just like me 🙂
    But as I followed every link in your post, and also the other posts, I noticed you have written about some of asian products , made me wonder if you’re Asian, too? Just curious.. 🙂

      1. Wow, thanks for the confirmation, Tiff!

        Is your skin sensitive or what? I mean, when it comes to trying different cosmetics, here I am again and curious 🙂 because I saw your posts with lots of cosmetics you have tried in a month, if I’m not mistaken.

      2. Hi Jhem!

        It’s can be a bit sensitive. When I was trying all the samples I was trying brands I had already tried before, complete lines or products with similar/the same ingredients. For the last week, I read up on the ingredients to make sure my skin wouldn’t be irritated with the samples. I think that’s why I didn’t get irritated.

      3. Ah okay.. It’s just that I always wonder if beauty bloggers really do try every products for their review and if they’re worried with unwanted results, if there’s any.. It’s good that I met you, I’m learning new things 🙂

      4. Thanks Jhem! I’m glad I met you and I’m glad the blog is helpful! We review all the stuff we blog. There are some things we try that we don’t Iove. Not many, but there are some posts to keep us honest!

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