Organize October | Adventures in…clearing out the beauty stash

AMtoPM organize beauty inventory stash homekeepingDoing a full-on beauty stash clear-out after neglecting it for a while is pretty grim.

It’s really not pretty.

Below are some tips to make it a bearable – even fun – process.
• Put some music on! Or a podcast.
• Devote some time to it to do it properly. If you’re the type who would rather do something in bursts, then do one step at a time.
• Once you feel even a bit overwhelmed, stop. Yes. I give you permission to stop. You won’t be able to make any good decisions or organize properly when you’re stressed.
Now! Let’s get started!

1. Corral everything together. Seriously. Everything. This is but a fraction of what I own; the camera couldn’t take a wide enough shot of it all.

2. Divide and conquer. This is where the bulk of the work is.

• Put your stash into the following categories: stuff that’s opened and stuff that’s unopened.
• Set aside the pile that’s unopened.
• Address the pile of opened stuff and divide it into more categories. Skin care, makeup, nail stuff. Feel free to make piles that make sense to you.

My piles include nail stuff, hair stuff, makeup and skin care.

Skin care is subdivided into two groups: my main routine and miscellaneous items.

3. Take inventory. Alright I lied. This might be the most intense step. Ensure you’ve done step 2 completely.

Now, check every. single. one of your products. Toss out anything expired and anything that smells funky. Check for weird textures and colour changes as well.

Be ruthless. Don’t just keep something because it’s too expensive, barely/half/or never used or for nostalgic purposes.

(This should have really been the first substep of step 2, but I wanted to make this cleaning and organizing deal a lot more easier to start!)

If there are any items that you just aren’t in love with, you can also make a pile to give to friends, family or resale.

4. Give them all new homes. Ensure that you have actually done steps two and three.

I get it, sometimes I skip steps or half-do them. But honestly, it’ll be so much easier if those two are completely finished. Next, give them all new homes. I like to corral my big stuff in bags or baskets.

If I were made out of money (or if I had the space) I would switch out all my storage options for some acrylic stackable trays and drawers. Or housed in empty, clean Diptyque jars.

All the Diptyque jars.

Use what you have and make sure not to buy any storage without going through your stash. You don’t have to buy things new. Repurpose what you have!

Right now, I corral my things in a hodgepodge of boxes, cosmetic pouches and trays.

My unused stash is currently housed in a small, upcycled vintage luggage.

5. Celebrate this achievement and remember to keep it up!

Give yourself a pat on the back. Treat yourself to a macaron – or five – and don’t feel bad about it! (I don’t.)

If macarons aren’t your thing, treat yourself to an at-home facial. It’s the perfect time! Perfect, now that you have all the things you need at an arm’s reach.

Don’t forget about maintenance. Put things back in their homes and keep track of what you have. Toss things at regular intervals and at a pace that works for you. That can be anywhere from monthly, every season or biannually.

I go through things periodically, at least once a year.


What are your tips to organizing your stash?! Any good playlists that you have to all this organizing a more bearable activity? Share them with me in the comments below and via social media!

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13 thoughts on “Organize October | Adventures in…clearing out the beauty stash

    1. Hello Jay! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Thanks also for featuring me as one of last week’s featured posts! I’m so glad that this has proved helpful! I used to have products all over as well. Hopefully this post has helped you save money and given you some reclaimed space and peace of mind!

    1. Thanks Chie! I think all beauty bloggers like to “hoard”, but I guess it’s not really hoarding if we use it all. The tough part is using it all before you buy a new product! Haha

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