Organize October

AMtoPM Organize OctoberWith October here, I will definitely be spending more time indoors.

To welcome this change, this month on the blog is all about organization!

As a beauty blogger, and someone with an intense love for all things beauty, I have a lot of stuff. I’m not exaggerating; check out my sample stash from the beginning of last month. Sometimes my stash can get a bit unruly and out of control.

I am really excited for this month to kick off, you have no idea. Organization and cleaning up is something that some people may face with dread. Not me! I’m one of those people who think a closet clear out is a great way to spend a weekend. Sarcasm not included.

Throughout the month I’ll be posting tips on how to keep your stash under control, pretty and save time.

Check back every Monday for posts on how to keep your stash neat and organized!

Organizing your beauty inventory
Three things…about expiry dates
A newbie’s guide to organizing the beauty stash
Scheduling beauty habits, rituals and chores


How do you keep your stash under control? Does your stash ever get out of control? Do you have an organization system in place or are you more relaxed and free about where you place your products? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below and follow us on social media!

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