AMtoPM laneige water bank moisture cream

Sample Selection Saturday | Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream

AMtoPM laneige water bank moisture creamI don’t really use a lot of Laneige. I really should. Their stuff is amazing.

Up this week is Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream. This is from their Water line, arguably their most popular line. You may not really know Laneige but you might have heard of their product the Water Sleep Pack. It’s kind of a big deal.

This is a cream from that very same line.

What is it:

A cream from Laneige’s Water Bank line. There are many creams to choose from and this cream is quite thick. It’s suitable for dry and dehydrated skin types.

In brief: the good and the ugly

The good:

This cream is nourishing. It’s thick, and works well. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy and didn’t leave me oily. It provided a lot of moisture on my forehead and cheeks, which tend to get pretty dry.

I think this would be a good one for dry and dehydrated skin types and use during winter and fall.

My skin is all over the place, but it is typically very dry during the fall through early spring. Personally, I could start using it right now. My skin drinks this stuff up and loves it!

I can see myself wearing this during really dry and cold winter days to seal as much moisture into my skin. For my combination/dry skin on days when it’s just a little chilly this is too much. Maybe best suited for spot moisture (dry cheeks and forehead) as opposed to allover application.

This is really good as a night cream, although their sleep pack is also available.

I received multiple samples of this stuff and each time I’ve used it I have never once broke out or had any sort of irritation.

The cost is not too bad. It’s about roughly $30-40, depending on the retailer you’re shopping with.

Pro tip: Canadians: go down on a trip Stateside to buy it. I’m not sure they have them at Canadian Targets.

The ugly:

Nothing. Well, not nothing.

Besides its inaccessibility, I loved it.

Canadians either have to make a trip past the border or purchase online. It’s very difficult to purchase in Canada, though it is possible. (However, if someone has seen this cream – or this line – in a chain or widely available, please let me know in the comments)!

Would I purchase?


Canadians can find Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream (50ml) online at Global GMarket and online on Amazon and eBay. Americans can find this in Target stores!


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