AMtoPM skin care travel nature republic malin + goetz one love organics skoah hydradew

Beauty in transit, the samples edition

AMtoPM skin care travel nature republic malin + goetz one love organics skoah hydradew

Tomorrow I’m going on vacation! I am so excited! In honour of this awesome occasion, I bring you in-flight skin care: the samples edition!

I usually go on long-haul flights when I fly. This time is no different.

On every flight, I bring a little stash of toiletries that I have to decant and hope won’t explode halfway through the journey.

Not this time!

Here are some of the things I will be bringing tomorrow on the plane.

Makeup remover: Olay cleansing wipes
Cleanser: One Love Organics Skin Savior
Mask: Skoah Hydradew mask + 1 sheet mask*
Serum: One Love Organics morning glory complexion booster
Moisturizer: Malin + Goetz vitamin E face moisturizer
SPF: Nature Republic UV lock and Missha safe block (not samples, but they’re small, effective and I love it).
Hand and body: Malin + Goetz neroli hand + body lotion

I usually try to go in with no makeup for long-haul flights to let my skin breathe. Just some brow stuff and a hydrating lip colour, because brow stuff shouldn’t count as they make your face. Lips are just fun, so why not?!

It’s also because I fall asleep a lot on flights and I don’t want to go to sleep with a full face. I sleep all over the place.

One time, on a return trip home, my head fell on the armrest and called the steward four times on a six-hour flight. It’s why I woke up to a lap full of eye masks, socks and a blanket. True story.

*The sheet mask is just in case I’m brave enough to put it on during the flight. (I lucked out and I’m on two red-eyes.) Incidentally, I got this as a sample on a trip to Nature Republic. Sometimes, I get all the luck!


What are your travel essentials? Let us know in
the comments below or via social media!

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