AMtoPM innisfree green persimmon line super volcanic clay pore mask

Mid-week check-in | Week 4 Sample Swag September

AMtoPM innisfree green persimmon line super volcanic clay pore mask

It’s the halfway point to Week 4 of Sample Swag September, a personal challenge to myself to use up all those samples I’ve been hoarding.

Up this week are items from Innisfree’s green persimmon pore line and the super volcanic pore clay mask, a treatment I’ve been using every week of Sample Swag September and which I wrote about last week.

The innisfree brand

I write about Innisfree a lot. I have a lot of Innisfree products and it is my favourite high-street Korean beauty brand. Innisfree is marketed as a skin care brand, though they do delve into beauty.

Most of their products contain ingredients that come from Jeju Island, a large island off the southern coast of Korea dubbed “the Hawaii of Korea”.

There are so many reasons why I love Innisfree: the use of cool and natural ingredients, fairly affordable products, the focus on skin care and all the Lee Min-ho life-size cutouts.


All the Lee Min-ho life-size cutouts.

The Green Persimmon line

One of Innisfree’s many lines includes the green persimmon line. The green persimmon line is made up of four products: pore pads, toner, essence and a pack/cream.

Three of those products are being tested this week: the toner, essence and pack/cream.

Incidentally, the suggested regimen for this line is toner or pads, essence and cream. I got myself the whole line! This almost never happens for free!

Green persimmons are unripe persimmons, a fruit that’s in-season from mid-September to December. The green persimmons, according to Innisfree, are supposed to help with enlarged pores and excess sebum. Enlarged pores can happen when the pores become clogged with oil and dirt, as well as naturally expand with age.

My best guess for the ideal consumer of this line: someone with oily skin. Combination/oily only on the oily T-zone and sparingly, if at all, for everywhere else.


I’m really enjoying this week’s lineup. I find it’s providing me with the perfect amount of hydration that I need right now (Goldilocks-style: not too much and not too little).

I’ve noticed that when I use this during the day, my T-zone doesn’t get as shiny which is a nice bonus. It’s a bit like using a mattifying primer, without actually using one.

I like the whole lineup’s effect on my skin and am glad that I don’t have the pore pads on hand, as I think it would just be too much for my skin.

Check back on Friday to read an in-depth review!



4 thoughts on “Mid-week check-in | Week 4 Sample Swag September

    1. Hi Carly,

      Thanks for commenting! It’s an awesome challenge and I love doing it. I don’t go on holiday a lot anymore so the samples have piled up; it’s a great way to get rid of them and make snap judgements of what to pass on and what to buy next! If you do the challenge, let me know. I want to hear what you try and what you like!

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