AMtoPM innisfree green persimmon line super volcanic clay pore mask

Week 4 | Sample Swag September

AMtoPM innisfree green persimmon line super volcanic clay pore mask
Sample Swag September is almost finished! Two more weeks left and my sample stash has decreased significantly. What used to be four to five makeup bags’ worth of samples can now be housed in two to three bags!

A golf clap for progress!

This week is going to be an all Innisfree week just like last week. This time, however, all the testers are coming from one line with the super volcanic clay mask thrown in for a weekly treatment.

This week’s lineup of testers are some items from Innisfree’s green persimmon pore line. Persimmons are delicious and in-season by the way!

I am so excited! These testers might actually carry me through the whole week!

Toner: Innisfree green persimmon pore toner
Essence: Innisfree green persimmon pore essence
Cream: Innisfree green persimmon pore pack & cream
Treatment: Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask

Check in on Wednesday for some more information about this particular line and on Friday to see how they fare!


6 thoughts on “Week 4 | Sample Swag September

    1. Thanks for commenting! The review for this particular week will be out on Friday; today’s post was just show and tell. Hope you can stop by at the end of the week to see how they fared!

    1. I know what you mean! Ideally, I’d love to go on a quick holiday or weekends away but sadly they are few and far between now. I try to do the same and batch similar items and the same brands if I can just to minimize my chances of irritation.

      Thanks for commenting! I love your blog and follow it as well!

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