AMtoPM Nature Republic ultra steam cream

Sample Selection Saturday | Nature Republic Ultra Steam Cream

AMtoPM Nature Republic ultra steam cream
Ugh! I was hoping that it would be a while before I did a review on cream. I wanted to cling to summer for just a little while longer (and I will, as I’m going on vacation next week)!

Well, that’s life. Up this week is Nature Republic’s Ultra Steam Cream.

What is it?:

A product from Nature Republic’s steam cream line. Ultra is the one for really dry skin. Other products from the line include Fresh (for oily/combination skin) and Moist (for normal/dry skin).

In brief: The good and the ugly

The good:

Holy hydration, Batman! This really delivers.

It has some shea butter which is very hydrating as I found out when I tested some shea butter body cream.

This probably wasn’t the best one to test, considering it’s still a little warm and my skin is more normal, but I really did appreciate the kick up in moisture.

Even though this is marketed to very dry and dehydrated skin, I think this could work for most skin types especially during dry and cold winters.

Like most Nature Republic products this doesn’t have parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, talc and artificial colouring.

Even though the cream is quite thick, I find this easy to spread and quick to sink it and absorb into the skin.

In terms of affordability, this is pretty good. The cream retails for about $10 USD/CDN online (plus shipping, on global Gmarket). I’m sure it’s somewhat similar in Nature Republic stores as well.

The ugly:

Nothing really to speak of.

Though I said it was likely that most skin types could use this cream, oily types might want to stay away because it is quite hydrating. It could cause pores to clog.

One more thing – this is probably best used at night, just because if you are using makeup or anything it may be a bit heavy or cause the skin to get a tad oily. I’m sure you could use it for day and night; as always, use your discretion for anything you put on your skin!

Would I purchase?


Nature Republic Ultra steam cream can be found in-store and online via Global Gmarket, Amazon and eBay.


2 thoughts on “Sample Selection Saturday | Nature Republic Ultra Steam Cream

  1. ! actually this sort of makes sense of what my colleague was talking about. she kept mentioning korean steam cream and i was like “..what?” cause Steam Cream is a UK basked cream brand. so NOW i know that the k-market is getting in on that too. haha thanks for the info.

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Yeah – I heard about the UK brand Steam Cream too! Have you tried it? I think they all work on the same principle: creams that are amped up through some sort of steaming process as they come to be. A great addition for the upcoming Canadian winter!

      Thanks for commenting Jenn! Really stoked to hear from another Canadian blogger!

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