Verdict | Week 3 Sample Swag September

AMtoPM innisfree super volcanic mask soybean firming serum skin lotion green tea seed cream

Two more weeks of Sample Swag September to go!

To recap:

This week, I was all over Innisfree. Most of the products tested were from the soybean firming line, but I also tested the super volcanic clay and the green tea seed cream.

My skin type: 

As of right now, my skin is combination/dry, veering towards dry.

The products:

Innisfree soybean firming skin. I can’t speak to any of the effects this line boasts because a week isn’t really enough time to speak to that. What I will speak to is everything else. I liked this toner. It moisturized well and it smelled pleasant. Not at all like fermented soybeans. Nothing like soybeans.

I tried this for a couple days as a toner and liked it well enough, but I really loved it as a DIY sheet mask. I soaked the liquid in a clean, dry, face sheet and set it on my face while I chilled for half an hour. Half an hour later my skin was amazingly plump and soft.

Innisfree soybean firming lotion. Again, I won’t speak to any of the claims, simply because I really can’t. I wouldn’t see any effects with the samples I was given. I can speak to the product’s hydrating qualities. I really liked this paired with the other products and the product itself. This was really hydrating, did not smell like soybeans and didn’t irritate my skin. The consistency of this lotion is more than a light emulsion. In fact, the consistency leans more towards a cream moisturizer.

It’s perfect for right now! With my combination skin, I could probably use this as my only moisturizer from spring to mid-autumn.

Innisfree soybean firming serum. This sample has a mucous consistency. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be like this. Most of the serums I have tend to be runny, but this serum was thick and a little clumpy.

The serum smelled a bit different than the skin and lotion from this line. Not unpleasant, just different.

Overall, I wasn’t that impressed by this sample. The serum didn’t do anything special and I didn’t notice any hydrating, brightening or firming going on.

It felt like an unnecessary step to my skin care regimen. Hydrating, but unnecessary. I did appreciate the instructions that came attached to this tester, though!

nnisfree soybean firming serum directions

The good news is that it didn’t do anything negative to my skin! No irritation and no breakouts!

Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask. I’ve been using this once a week for the past two weeks. This is amazing. I continue to marvel at how the sample packet keeps this mask super moist and pliable. This mask was quick to dry and was very easy to rinse off. After washing it off my skin was left soft, smooth and deeply cleansed.

Innisfree green tea seed cream. I love this thing! It smells amazing – very floral, for a green tea. I am not a big fan of smells; I favour subtle and unscented products, but I love this! It’s a bit strong in the jar, but the scent is not overpowering when I apply it.

It is also fairly moisturizing. I can see myself using this year-round, even in the summer if I need a boost in hydration. It sinks in quickly and leaves my skin plump and soft. This is good for both day and night. Applied overnight, I wake up to hydrated skin. When applied during the day, my base looks a lot smoother since my skin is perfectly hydrated.

Would I purchase?

Innisfree soybean firming skin Yes
Innisfree soybean firming lotion Yes
Innisfree soybean firming serum No
Innisfree green tea seed cream Yes
Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask Yes

All of these can be bought on Innisfree’s new global website Innisfree World, as well as on Global Gmarket, Amazon and eBay. 


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