AMtoPM Innisfree fermented soybean firming green tea seed super volcanic mask cream

Mid-week check-in | Week 3 Sample Swag September

AMtoPM innisfree super volcanic mask soybean firming skin lotion green tea seed cream

This week is an all Innisfree week! Cue the excite!

Up this week are elements from their Fermented Soybean line, popular Green Tea line and the Jeju volcanic pore mask (the super amped-up one).

more about the products

Fermented Soybean:

I had some reservations that this line would look, smell or somehow resemble the fermented soybean I eat. While delicious, I wouldn’t want anything resembling food anywhere near my face.

Then I realized that I was being ridiculous. No one would buy products – en masse – if they smelled, looked or resembled doen-jang jjigae no matter what the benefits would be.

The fermented soybean line includes skin, toner, serum, eye cream, cream and neck cream.

Apparently the benefits fermented soybeans bring to the skin include: increased skin firmness, vitality and resilience. Basically, an anti-aging line with a novel ingredient.

The green tea line: 

This green tea line is a very extensive line of products from Innisfree. It can actually be divided into two sub-categories: products from their “pure” series and products from their “green tea seed” line.

Two Saturdays ago, I reviewed a cleansing oil from the “pure” line. My guess is that the “pure” line delivers light hydration to the skin and the “seed” line delivers just a bit more moisture. For those in the know, please correct or enlighten me in the comments below!

The whole line includes: pure cleansing oil, pure cleansing foam, cleansing water, pure skin, pure lotion, seed serum, essence, pure eye cream, seed cream, pure cream, pure deep cream, mineral mist and pure sleeping pack.

My fingers need a rest from typing up that list. It’s extensive to say the least.

Not to leave out the body, Innisfree’s green tea line also includes green tea pure gel hand cream. I’ve used this before and it delivered some light hydration to my hand. Unfortunately it wasn’t moisturizing enough to deal with my winter hands.

Volcanic mask:

Innisfree’s volcanic mask is actually two products: Jeju volcanic (regular) and a pumped up super volcanic pore clay mask.

The key ingredient to this mask comes from Jeju, a large island off the coast of Korea, which has the distinction of being the Korean Hawaii. Jeju has a lot of volcanoes and this clay is meant to suck up impurities in the skin.


I have been using the items I have from the soybean firming line and haven’t really noticed anything special happening to my skin. To be fair, some of those concerns that this line addresses – sagging skin, loss of firmness and elasticity – aren’t issues I am facing at the moment.

For me, this line is OK just because I can’t speak to the issues they are meant to help. This to me is just a moisturizer.

As for the green tea seed cream, I really like it so far. It’s light, but not watery and delivers the perfect amount of moisture for the change in weather.

As for the mask, I’ve used this exact one once a week for every week of this month, Sample Swag September. I only have the super volcanic pack and I have to say that I love it. I notice clearer and slightly smoother skin after I rinse off the mask, which is always a good thing.

For a bit more in-depth review of all the products, check back on Friday to read the verdict on week three! See you then!




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