AMtoPM Innisfree fermented soybean firming green tea seed super volcanic mask cream

Week 3 | Sample Swag September

AMtoPM innisfree super volcanic mask soybean firming skin lotion green tea seed cream

I’m halfway through Sample Swag September! It’s exciting! I’ve gotten rid of a good chunk of my sample stash, though not anything close to halfway through it all.

Up this week are samples from Innisfree! I’m so excited, since Innisfree is one of my favourite Korean beauty brands, full stop. This week I’m trying elements from their fermented soybean line.

Yup, fermented soybean.

I have put some interesting things upon my face in the name of beauty: snail slime, oil and masks that have scared and surprised some family and friends (sheet masks).

Fermented soybean is pretty up there on bizarre beauty ingredients, but I’m game to try!

Toner: Innisfree soybean firming skin
Lotion: Innisfree soybean firming lotion
Serum: Innisfree soybean firming serum
Cream: Innisfree the green tea seed cream
Treatment: Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask

Okay, so the last two things are not made out of fermented soybean, but I have a mask for every week in September and I sort of need a cream now, to compensate for the change in season.

Check back throughout the week to see how these products fare!


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