AMtoPM nature republic tony moly innisfree argan oil

Verdict | Week 2 Sample Swag September

AMtoPM nature republic tony moly innisfree argan oil

Another week, another review on this week’s minis!

To recap:

This week didn’t feature a particular brand or line; rather, a key ingredient: argan oil. I tried two brands and two lines: Tony Moly Floria’s Nutra Energy line and Nature Republic Argan 20º.

A recap on my situation and skin type:

It is late summer/early fall and I have combination/dry skin. My dry spots are usually the top of my forehead and my cheeks.


Tony Moly Floria Nutra Energy Toner The toner is not super runny, but definitely not as substantial as last week’s IOPE toner. You could definitely tell that safflower water is in this thing. I thought it was pretty hydrating in its own right and worked really well with the emulsion and the cream.

Nature Republic Argan 20º Toner Super runny! Be careful, sometimes I poured out too much unintentionally. It hydrated well enough and didn’t leave a residue.

Tony Moly Floria Nutra Energy Emulsion Light, but provided moisture to my skin. Paired well with the toner and the cream.

Nature Republic Argan 20º Emulsion I really liked this emulsion. This was pretty similar to the Nutra Energy emulsion, actually. Similar smell, lightweight, applied quickly and evenly, absorbed well into the skin without leaving a residue.

Tony Moly Floria Nutra Energy Cream Sealed the toner and emulsion well and hydrated my skin nicely. It was easy to spread, didn’t leave a residue and absorbed quickly into my skin. This cream was also very lightweight and didn’t weigh heavily on my skin.

* Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Pore Mask See a mini review in last week’s review post. Check back for next week’s review for a solid and in-depth opinion on this mask.


Overall, I’m a bit let down by this week. Perhaps I had very high expectations. I had gone into this week being really excited, since I already love and use argan oil. I’ve been using straight argan oil for a little over four years and have used it consistently, though not the same brand. I compared this week to my experiences with 100 per cent argan oil and last week’s sample swag.

This week, the samples, overall did an OK job with hydration. However, I don’t think it would serve adequately on its own for very dry or dehydrated skin. Especially with the Tony Moly line. Perhaps you need to use the whole line?

Luckily I don’t need much hydration at the moment. My skin is combination-normal right now given that it’s late-summer/early autumn.

I also didn’t find this to be as hydrating, or more hydrating, than last week’s samples, which I found to be very moisturizing.

I think this would work well on someone who doesn’t need a lot of hydration. As far as the brands go, I think they are pretty similar. I didn’t notice anything different from the Nature Republic one, which was fermented. As far as price points go, they’re also on par. Nature Republic’s Argan 20º line goes for about $25 or less per product. Tony Moly’s Floria Nutra Energy line’s most expensive product goes for around $25 as well. Tony Moly’s line has more products; if you were to purchase the whole line it would be more expensive, overall.


Tony Moly Floria Nutra Energy toner No
Tony Moly Floria Nutra Energy emulsion No
Tony Moly Floria Nutra Energy cream No
Nature Republic Argan 20º toner No
Nature Republic Argan 20º emulsion No

On to week 3!



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