AMtoPM review iope moistgen whitegen innisfree super volcani

Verdict | Week 1 Sample Swag September

AMtoPM review iope moistgen whitegen innisfree super volcaniThis week was the first week of Sample Swag September and it was successful!

Success, in context to this challenge, is to finish off the testers and have them not react with my skin. And I finished all the samples this week, except a small portion of each sample – softener, ampoule and essence – to tide me over for (at least) some of the weekend.

Man! Those tiny bottles really made me work for the product. It left my palm so red each time I went to cleanse and moisturize!

A recap on my situation and skin type:

It is late summer/early fall and I have combination/dry skin. My dry spots are usually the top of my forehead and my cheeks.

The Products:

IOPE Moistgen Essential Softener This is a runny, hydrating toner. It has a really light and pleasant scent. Something floral, for sure. It didn’t leave a weird finish, absorbed quickly into skin and is pretty amazing. I found this toner gave me some light hydration and really prepped my skin for the next steps.

IOPE Whitegen Ampoule Essence This had a really strong scent when I first cut the packet open. Luckily, it dissipates pretty quickly and leaves a vague, pleasant scent on the skin. It’s super thick and delivers a punch of hydration. It applies evenly and smoothly and it doesn’t leave a film or residue on my skin. Pretty hydrating as it is; the consistency is similar to a light cream. It’s pretty close to Missha’s Super Aqua Snail Cream in texture and consistency.

IOPE Moistgen Essential Emulsion Like the essential softener, this emulsion is light, hydrating and absorbs quickly. It feels – and even looks – lighter than the essence. That doesn’t mean that it moisturizes less than any of the other products. It does a good job of adding the last layer of moisture onto my face and sealing everything up.

* Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Pore Mask I know I said I would talk about this in week 3 and I will. I just have this to say: I am pleasantly surprised how moist the clay remained in this sample!

In combination, these products worked really well on my skin this week and they worked well together. Keep in mind I tried products from two lines from the same brand; presumably they’d be even better combined with other products from their lines.

These samples held up pretty well during the day. My skin was moisturized well and even got my t-zone a little shiny. How could I tell my skin was hydrated well, you ask?

Because my base looked amazing. It looked just as nice as when I first applied it without weird dry patches or clumpy powder.

Overnight, these products fared pretty well. I woke up with skin that wasn’t dry, nor was it oily.

Would I purchase?

IOPE Moistgen essential softener Yes
IOPE Whitegen ampoule essence Yes
IOPE Moistgen essential emulsion Yes

But would I really?

It really depends. This exact skin care regime is pricey. The softener and emulsion cost $45 (2 pack promo, but can be bought separately) and the ampoule essence is (~$50) . These are prices off of global G-Market, so prices might vary with other online retailers like Amazon and eBay with shipping/customs extra. Obviously these would retail for a lot cheaper in Korea (in Korea, you can find these in Aritaum).

If possible, I’d try and get samples of each product (of which you can buy online) or buy a trial kit to see how well – or how poorly – your skin takes to each item.

On to week 2!


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