IOPE moistgen softener emulsio whitegen ampoule essence Innisfree super volcanic mask samples

Mid-week check-in | Week 1 Sample Swag September

IOPE moistgen softener emulsio whitegen ampoule essence Innisfree super volcanic mask samplesThis week is the first week of Sample Swag September, a personal challenge to myself to eliminate all of my stash by the end of the month. That might be a pretty lofty goal, so I’ll be content if I even get it down to 1/3 of what it used to be.

This week’s lineup is from IOPE, a brand under the Amore Pacific mega brand, with a mask from Innisfree in there for fun. I didn’t know too much about IOPE before this week – nor do I know much about it now – but I wanted to know what exactly this particular line from them was all about.

Normally, I don’t put this much research – nor effort – into samples. Ninety-nine per cent of the time I open the sample, sniff it to make sure it doesn’t smell foul/expired, double check to make sure it’s not expired, apply and hope nothing goes terribly awry.

I keep up with the sample or debate its effectiveness and, if I like it, I Google it and reviews and debate a purchase.

It looks like it’s pretty intense but, I swear, the normal way I debate whether I like a sample is less time consuming and less research intensive.

2 lines, 1 brand

I decided to group IOPE’s samples together, mostly with the hope that they wouldn’t react so terribly when combined together. (They haven’t yet, thank goodness!)

Upon further research (reading the labels + Google), I’m sampling two lines – IOPE’s Moistgen and Whitegen lines.


Moistgen, as you can gather from the name, is mostly concerned with hydrating the skin. The Moistgen line debuted in 2012 and consists of a softener (toner), serum, essence, eye cream and cream.


The Whitegen line aims to, well, keep your skin bright and luminous. What did you think I’d say? It fights the signs of aging, such as hyperpigmentation.

Some elements of this line – emulsion, intense cream – are no longer for sale. The softener, ampoule essence and the emulsion seem to be the only ones left standing.


So far the brands have worked very well. The Moistgen’s line has delivered moisture to my skin pretty well; it lasts a full day and my skin is still pretty hydrated when I wake.

I can’t really say anything about the samples for the ampoule essence yet. The only things I can say in its favour – right now – are that I haven’t had a reaction to it and it has a nice smell. There is a pretty strong scent when I first cut into the sample, but it dissipates pretty quickly.

* I didn’t say anything about the Innisfree mask just because I have three other samples of this very thing. I’ll write more on it in week three.


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