tarte smooth operator finishing powder

Sample Selection Saturday | Tarte Smooth Operator finishing powder

tarte smooth operator finishing powder

what is it?

A clay mineral powder that helps set makeup and blot out any excess oil.

in brief: the good and the ugly

The good:

The product itself is really good.

With makeup (and sunscreen): It held pretty well. My makeup was in tact when I used powder and when I used liquid foundation. It didn’t break me out and my face was fairly dewy the whole time.

With sunscreen: Pretty awesome. On the product description, Tarte says that the minerals can bounce light off the face and sort of mask minor flaws. I can’t speak to that. I know my flaws are there, but I suppose at first glance, that might be something this powder does.

I like the ingredient list. It’s only five ingredients and doesn’t contain phthalates nor parabens.

The ugly:

This is just speaking strictly on the sample I received; the packaging is terrible. It’s a tiny pot and it only has two holes. I waited forever, shaking enough product to try on my face.

Alternatively, I can take the plastic cover off (the one with the holes) and get immediate access to all the powder. It’s extremely messy, but it won’t take me 20 minutes to shake enough powder to set my makeup. Also it’s incredibly dangerous to use too much. It’s too easy to end up with a matte face.

Pricey! This tub costs $38CDN, plus tax at Sephora. I’m trying to ration and hold out with this little sample pot for as long as I can.

would I purchase?


Tarte’s Smooth Operator finishing powder ($38 CDN, plus tax) can be found online and in stores at Sephora


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