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Three things…that help fight shine

If you’re anything like me, fighting shine is a daily battle one must face.

During the summer, anyway.

Oh well. It’s the price we all have to pay for amazing weather. Right?


I’m sick and tired of looking like a shiny round beacon in public. As such, I’m sharing three of my favourite ways to beat shine at its own game.

1. Starbucks napkins. I started hoarding these after I read the reviews over on Makeup Alley. Well, after reading those reviews and having to field awkward encounters in the women’s washroom.

If anyone’s interested, I used to blot my face with recycled paper towels. I used to do this a lot during work and hit the bathroom. I stopped doing that because I was forever getting asked if I was OK when I was touching up my face. Mostly because whenever I’d use the paper towels to blot, it looked like I was wiping tears away.

It got really awkward telling people: “I’m fine really. I’m just blotting my face.”

Needless to say, I stopped using the paper towel method.

Not a fan of Starbucks? No worries! Take any recycled brown napkin and it’ll work like a charm.

2. Actual blotting wipes. I have tried them all. My all-time paid favourite is probably Clean and Clear, because their material is completely different to most blotter sheets (blue, thin slips of plastic instead of actual paper) which I’ve found to mop up shine more effectively and thoroughly.

Pro tip: If you want to head to the DIY route, head to the gift wrap section of most dollar stores. There should be thin, almost translucent tissue paper in a variety of colours. I’ve snipped some into a manageable size and found them to work. Sure, you need a lot more of them, but $1 yields a lot of face wipes.

3. Primers. Primer is amazing. It keeps makeup from slipping off my face and helps it stay throughout the whole day.

Primer can also be put on top of sunscreen if you choose to go au naturel. A mattifying primer will soak up excess oil and mitigate any shine from the get-go.

If you wear makeup, it’ll help keep the makeup in place and on your face.

Exactly where it should be.

Current favourite: Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Primer


Tell me what you think!

Which methods have you tried? Do you have better ones that work? Be real – did this article get you to try some Starbucks napkins? Are you grabbing a few extra with your tea?

Let me know in the comments below or get in touch!

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