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Review | Bioderma Créaline (Sensibio)

This is something I was really excited to try because of all the hype it receives from people who know good skin: models, makeup artists, other beauty bloggers and people whose discerning taste I trust.

Despite that, I was a bit skeptical.

After trying it, it was completely unwarranted. All those people were right! I freaking love this stuff!

I’ve already spoken about how awesome this is, but below is a more thorough review.

What is it:

Bioderma Créaline (or Sensibio H20, as it is sometimes called) is a micelle solution. Briefly, a micelle solution is a makeup remover and cleanser that lifts the makeup, dirt and other impurities off your skin. It doesn’t need additional water to rinse off. This is especially awesome for those living in cities that have hard water coming off the tap. Rinsing with hard water is bad for the skin. Personally, I’ve experienced breakouts, dry skin and a general feeling that my skin wasn’t really “clean” with hard water.

For what it’s worth, I’ve spent most of my life living with soft water coming from the tap which is why I keenly feel the difference.

There are many micelle solutions out there, including offerings from Avène, La Roche-Posay and Vichy but none of those come close to being as revered as the Créaline.

This might be coming out as overly dramatic, but that’s probably because you haven’t tried it yet.

It should be noted that Bioderma makes a whole line of these: in blue, green and one in pink. Créaline, the one with the pink cap, is the one that I have and the one that receives the most beloved reviews.


Créaline claims to remove make-up, cleanse and soothe skin. It also claims that it is good for the eyes and face.

Seriously?! Does this work?:

As a makeup remover: This is amazing! Seriously. I am quite disgusted at how much comes off right away. This is from someone who doesn’t wear a whole lot of makeup daily – some light cover to even out my skin, brow stuff, mascara and/or eyeliner.

I can usually take off all my makeup using both sides of one or two really nice cotton pads. Sunscreen is a bit tougher to take off. It needs a whole pad to take off (both sides).

I am normally a fan of oil cleansing because it’s a gentle, yet thorough way to take off my makeup. But this is a great alternative for the days when I’m feeling a bit lazy and want to take things off quickly and get to bed.

Can it take off eye stuff?!: It took off my mascara and brow stuff with ease, but my mascara was a bit tougher to wipe away. Did the job, though!

As a cleanser: Great! I would say amazing but I really, really like a cleansing routine (as referenced here, here, here and here).

Unfortunately, Créaline can do without water but it can’t work alone. You’ll need cotton pads to take it all off.


The Créaline comes in a no nonsense bottle. It looks kind of clinical. That’s totally OK with me. It’s a cleanser. I kind of want it to be free of any design clutter.

The bottle comes in a very thin, flexible plastic which makes it easy to squeeze the cleanser out. I would have preferred to have a pump which would be a lot more convenient and a lot less wasteful with product, but my model (250 ml) doesn’t have that. However, a pump is available on the 500 ml bottles.

First impressions:

I was pretty surprised that the Créaline could be so gentle and could take off so much.

If you were curious, the Créaline doesn’t have any alcohol so it isn’t harsh at all.

Bonus: It also doesn’t have any parabens!


I have sensitive combination skin and hydration and irritation are chief concerns when I try any new product. Créaline didn’t leave my skin especially dry, even at the tops of my cheeks, an area where some cleansers tend to strip my face dry.

I’ve had this for a while and my skin hasn’t shown any sign of reacting to this. No spots, no burning or itchiness. It’s awesome. Super gentle.

I favour a lot of natural products, but I can stray to other products for various reasons, namely an item’s packaging and sheer novelty value. I like that this cleanser doesn’t have any ingredients that are especially harmful and that the ingredient list isn’t especially long (10, if you were interested).

The shelf life is a year and this is something that I could easily use within that time frame. Even with other cleansers in the mix. I have the 250 ml version, but I think you could probably use at least one 500 ml bottle, even with intermittent use.

There is an expiry date on the bottle etched below and it’s pretty generous. My particular bottle is said to be good until sometime in 2016. That’s OK, though. I’ve only had it for a couple months and I’ve put a pretty sizeable dent already.

I like how this has the potential to be an HG product and that it doesn’t break the bank.

I bought this at a drugstore and a bottle typically runs around $20, plus tax for a 250ml bottle. The 500ml bottle is around $30, plus tax.

Pro tip: Right now, Murale is selling two units of the 250 ml bottle for $26.95, plus tax.

Would I repurchase?:

The short answer is an emphatic yes.

But it really depends.

I like my cleansing routine and I like the feeling of my skin after a double-cleanse. Buying this will just make me lazy. For that reason, I’m less inclined to purchase it.

On the other hand, it is really amazing as a makeup remover and as a cleanser. Really, really amazing. In that respect, it’s a resounding yes.

Bioderma Créaline (Sensibio H20) can be found at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale locations and online.


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