Review | Missha Super Aqua Snail Cream

For the sake of beauty – and to quell my curiosity – I have put a lot of things on my face and body that are generally not recommended. Nor are they ordinary. In the quest for flawless skin, my face has been subjected to everything from placenta proteins, herbs, DIY treatments, pantry staples and smothered in a variety of oils.

Ranking high up on the weird and bizarre things I am willing to try once is snail cream. If you can get over the “ick” factor, it’s actually a pretty great moisturizer.

Who’d have known that a key beauty ingredient was just chilling in my backyard?

What is it:

Missha’s Super Aqua Snail Cream is part of its Cell Renew Snail Essence line. It’s meant to be used before the sleep pack or before BB cream, depending on when you use it.

The line includes treatment, moisturizer, cream, sleep pack, BB cream and sheet masks.


I am on the fence with this one.

On one hand, I love the packaging. It looks classy, glam and just a teensy bit gaudy. A perfect combination, in my opinion. The gold and glassy-type packaging looks really high-end on top of my counter, though if you pick it up you realize it’s just plastic.

The downside to all the packaging is that it is so large and masks just how much product you actually get. I felt equal parts underwhelmed and shortchanged when I first opened the jar. The product is housed in a plastic container in the middle of the packaging. There’s a heavy border of packaging surrounding the actual product.


First impressions:

An innocuous-looking sample lured me into the awesomeness of snail cream. It was white and had Super Aqua in big silver letters followed by tiny gold letters saying it was snail cream.

I didn’t really take notice of what it was that I put on my face until afterwards when I was already in a place where I wanted to hoard this product. But then I read the label.

Cell Renew Snail Cream.

I balked when I read that. My stomach did a weird queasy flip. But then I thought back to how awesome it felt on my skin.

The snail cream is light in texture and carries a subtle floral scent. You can’t even smell the snail essence (and I tried really, really hard)!

However, opening the jar and tearing off the protective plastic layer I was confronted with the visual. This actually looks like snail slime, with a few subtle differences.

Thankfully you don’t really notice this until you scrape some off and on the plastic spatula provided.

Aside: I love when things come with plastic spatulas. In my opinion, every jar of cream/moisturizer/cleanser/mask pack/salve should come with a little plastic spatula to protect against grubby hands and bacteria gunking up products, thus minimizing spoilage and contamination.

If you look hard enough, it looks a bit like snail slime.

It’s just less sticky and mucous looking. It’s also a bit opaque.


Missha’s snail cream is definitely something I approached warily.

I mean, snail essence as a beauty ingredient?

Am I going to be that sucker who believes the media and the beauty industry on purchasing every newfound ingredient on the market?

Well, maybe.

But I still wanted to do some due diligence on the subject. After some light researching, I found out the snail slime has the potential to regenerate the skin and help it fight attack from free radicals.

Of course, this effect really depends on the snail. The healthier and happier the snail, the more highly prized is its slime.

Missha claims that this cream can whiten and help with aging skin. I can’t say that I noticed anything on this front. I’m in my mid-20s and can’t speak to any benefits to aging skin. I have some light pigmentation on my cheeks and didn’t notice a change.

Taking the snail slime out of the equation, the moisturizer is very light in texture and consistency but doesn’t skimp out on providing much-needed hydration.

I have combination skin that is heavy on the oily side when it’s nice, hot and humid (amazing summer weather) and skews more on the dry side during the rest of the year. It’s perfect for this time of year because I don’t want my face to feel bogged down by anything too heavy. I could probably get away with using this cream in the spring and early fall, coupled with serums and toners that are more hydrating. In the winter, this just doesn’t do it for me. My skin is way too dry and needs more hydration than this cream can offer – even with the help of toners, essences and various serums.

The price is kind of ridiculous at $39.99CDN/$45US. Even when I was in Korea, I would only get this at 1+1 sales and stocked up at the Missha stores most convenient to me. It helped that it came in a special – now discontinued – packaged set containing this jar of snail cream and the line’s snail sleeping pack.

In Canada, I’m even more reluctant to buy it online. In Canada, you can buy the jar I have (47ml) and retails for $39.99, plus tax and shipping. It’s a bit of a ripoff, considering you can purchase two bottles of two products in the line in a package for around $64.99, plus tax. You can also buy another package: two bottles each of three products in the Super Aqua snail line – treatment, moisturizer and cream – for $101.99CDN, plus tax.

Despite all my griping, I would definitely buy more of this when I run out. It doesn’t break me out, irritate my skin and leaves a fresh floral scent on my skin. It’s the perfect day moisturizer for my summer skin, since it doesn’t leave me super shiny. It’s a winner!

Would I repurchase?


Missha’s Super Aqua Snail Cream can be found online on their regional sites.


6 thoughts on “Review | Missha Super Aqua Snail Cream

  1. I just started using this cream. It really helps with acne scars and such and repair and rehydrate very dry skin like mine. I’m a happy snail! 😉

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