Review | Nature Republic aloe vera 92 per cent soothing gel

Arguably the most famous and bestselling product Nature Republic has is its 92 per cent aloe vera pots. To be fair, I’ve seen displays of these pots sell out at other retailers, but Nature Republic pots seem to be the most popular and fairest of them all.

What is it?

A multipurpose aloe vera gel perfect for what ails you – dry, chapped skin, fried hair, stubbly legs, sunburns and more.


A mild, multipurpose moisturizer. Nature Republic has an example of a couple of its uses.


I normally prefer pumps for things.

This is in a jar.

I haven’t even had a chance to open it yet and it has a strike against it.

The reason why I don’t like jars is simple. I don’t like having to face opening a jar and coming across a hot mess of product gunking up the lid and the sides. Thankfully, this jar has a plastic overlay atop the aloe to minimize the likelihood of messy jars.

I like the lid. Everything about this screams aloe. It’s simple, fresh and subtle. Not at all messy-looking. The colours are various shades of green. Just looking at it is soothing, unlike some packaging that has way too much going on. If you weren’t sure of what you were purchasing, the big image of cut aloe leaves clears away any confusion.

First impressions:

Even just opening this is refreshing! This 92 per cent claim is no joke. I can even smell the strong scent of aloe.

It goes on smoothly and I can barely feel it as it’s so light. This doesn’t weigh me down. I also like the cooling sensation I get when I first apply the gel, but that’s pretty much standard for all aloe gels. It is a very light moisturizer.

I don’t think you could get away with using this anytime other than in the summer. My skin tends to be quite dry, but I can easily see myself going through one or two tubs this summer alone. I’ve also tried it as a shaving cream (works, no bumps!), soothing bug bites (itches be gone!), as a sleep pack (woke up to a nice, soft face) and as a facial moisturizer (perfectly hydrated with no oiliness to be seen).


This pot is really nice. The label wasn’t kidding. Aloe is the first ingredient and it is 92 per cent aloe extract.

Ironically, this aloe vera is from an organic farm in California. Figures I would discover a product whilst halfway around the world from a place that would have been easily accessible to me at home.

This is a fair amount of product, but it can go really fast depending on what you use it for and how often. I like that, if you go to the Nature Republic Korean site, you can see a certificate of the farm where they source their aloe.

I also like that Nature Republic has kindly provided some of the ways it uses their aloe, if you’re stumped on what to do with it.

I like that this doesn’t have parabens in it. In fact it doesn’t have the following ingredients: formaldehyde, dioxin, benzophenone, artificial colouring, sulphates, mineral oil, animal by-products/raw materials, and nesin page claw. I don’t know what those last two ingredients are, but apparently nesing page claw is in quite a few Korean cosmetics and skin care products.

I don’t like that it has a slew of ingredients I am not fond of, including propylene glycol.

I also don’t like the price. In Canada, the only place that I can find aloe vera reliably is at T&T supermarket, tucked into their cosmetics section. It’s a very small section and the aloe vera is almost always in low supply when I check there.

I like aloe. I can use it for everything from hair masks, soothing sunburns and razor burn, cool and hydrate dry skin, primer and more. I don’t know if I would go out of my way to purchase this particular brand if I had a choice to buy something similar of an equivalent price, with a pump or both.

Would I repurchase?


Nature Republic aloe vera 92 per cent soothing gel can be found at T&T supermarkets for $11.99 plus tax. It can also be found at Nature Republic stores and online. American Nature Republic stores sell this for much cheaper at around $5 USD per jar.


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