Sample Selection Saturday | Etude House Skin Malgem Deep Moist

Etude House, I have found, is the shop that gives me the most confusion. A large part of this confusion could be the shop’s special lingo for things.

What is a freshener?! What is a smoother?!

Toners, apparently.

This week, I try Etude House’s Skin Malgem Deep Moist.

what is it

Part of the Skin Malgem line. If the name sounds familiar, I sampled Etude House’s Skin Malgem smoother during a Sample Selection Saturday two weeks ago.

Despite the name, it is also a toner. Unlike the smoother, which was for troubled skin, the deep moist is for those with dry skin.

in brief: the good and the ugly

The Good:

I liked it when I thought it was an essence or light emulsion/moisturizer. It is none of those things.

At least, it’s not marketed as one. It’s marketed in a line of five toners for five distinct skin types. This deep moist, is clearly for those with dry skin. Very dry skin.

I suppose it would be a good toner for people with that skin type. It’s really thick and almost has a creamy consistency. Not liquid and fluid at all.

Anyway! Whatever, Etude House. I’ll use it how I want to use it. I choose to use it as a moisturizer.

This provided me enough moisture that I could skip my night cream. Of course, it’s muggy, hot and August. So this probably wouldn’t work for me in a month or two.

In conjunction with the smoother, it provided enough moisture to keep my skin hydrated throughout the night/day without giving me a shiny face or leaving greasy residue.

I’m really happy that under sunscreen and under makeup, this didn’t break me out or irritate my face.

The Ugly:

I was so confused when I tried this. I had originally thought this was an essence or very light moisturizer. It has that type of consistency. It works well in that capacity for me.

It was only when I looked at the back that I noticed clues. Freshener, a product in their Wonder Pore line, is a toner. To confirm my suspicions I checked GMarket and it is a toner. One of five in the line.

FYI: I have combination skin and the smoother is a better choice for my skin type, toner-wise. Definitely a better choice now, at the height of summer. This particular toner isn’t targeted to me, but aimed towards someone who has very dry skin. As a moisturizer, though, I could get away with using this. Of course this isn’t a moisturizer, but a toner.

I didn’t appreciate the alcohol smell. It’s super strong and really put me off this product.

As far as the sample goes, I hated the packaging. This small tube always makes it hard to get product out, especially if it’s thicker than a normal toner. A lot thicker. The packaging, of course, is a lot different than the sample packaging. I’m sure if you do purchase it, it won’t be such a struggle for you to get to use it; you did pay for it, after all.

would i purchase?


Etude House Skin Malgem Deep Moist can be found online. 


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