Three things…to keep mosquitoes and their itchy bites at bay

Since the summer started every mosquito bite I’ve gotten has swelled to an embarrassing level.

I’ve got a lot of mosquito bites in the past two months.

Some of them have been red; some of them itch like crazy. Some of them I don’t notice for two days, itch a bit and then disappear.

I wish all my bites were like that.

Here are three things that I can’t live without each summer.

1. MOPIDICK (and its equivalents). This does regular battle with sunscreen on what I rely on the most each summer. I was introduced to this in Japan by a kind friend who took pity on my ravaged body. She let me use her roll-on and I’m ashamed to say I almost didn’t give it back.

This thing is amazing! It provided instantaneous relief for hours and really cut the days of embarrassing swelling in half.

I ran out of my Mopidick, but this is a bottle that does the same job without the awkward-sounding name.

Pro tip: Mopidick is a bit hard to come by, especially if you’re not in Asia. They sell them on eBay and online, but if you absolutely have to go find a bottle right now take a picture and put it on your phone.

It’ll save you from having to field awkward questions, awkward looks and endure muffled laughter from merchants. Trust.

2. Mosquito repellent. This actually stops the bites from even happening, but I almost always forget about applying it before I head out.

That is, of course, until there are five mosquito bites on one leg. At that point it’s pretty easy to remember to use the repellent.

3. Tea tree oil. Tea tree oil used to be the number one way I would treat my bites. Then I was introduced to Mopidick. But tea tree oil is really good in a pinch. It soothes the itch almost immediately and it comes in a mess-free bottle. All I need are a couple of drops, more depending on how bad the bite is.

Note: I mentioned that coconut oil was a good way to soothe bites a while ago. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Especially when you head back out after application on a hot day. Word of advice: stick to the tea tree oil.


Tell me what you think!

Do you agree with the things on the list? What helps you when you get bitten?
Do you know some place where I could get a bottle of Mopidick?!

Share in the comments below or get in touch!

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