Review | Nature Republic UV Lock Flower Non Chemical Sun Liquid

AMtoPM Nature Republic eco mild sun liquid.jpegIt was on a balmy Saturday that I found myself at a Nature Republic near Ehwa University. I was attracted to the sun and the big ECO MILD in English on the bottle.

A saleswoman came up and helpfully steered me to some more adult products.


This is for children, she said in Korean. I didn’t really understand her because there wasn’t a bear on the front. But then I looked at the bottom.

베이비 공용, which translates to baby sunscreen.


“Yes, I know,” I replied in Korean. “Thank you.”

She tried to steer me to products that were more adult. But I was sold. When I’m not sure what’s in something, I tend to favour baby and child products because they tend to be a bit gentler and have a low likelihood of irritating my skin.

What is it

It’s a physical sunblock. Liquid and in a compact package, so I’m inclined to think that it’s meant for the face. It also works well as sun protection for the body.


It’s tiny. I like that’s it’s pretty portable. I use this on my face, so it’s a good enough size for me with daily use.

first impressions

Since this is a mineral sunblock I was expecting to have a white cast on my face after application. I wasn’t wrong.

I just need to really work the sun liquid into my skin so that it doesn’t leave a white residue.

Speaking of sun liquid, this sunblock is incredibly fluid. It’s really nice and has a light consistency. Normally I find sun protection with this high of an SPF to be a bit heavy. And shiny.

Not at all with this sunblock. It leaves me matte, which I appreciate. As the day wears on, I end up with a dewy complexion.


I primarily use this as a face sunblock, but I have used it as a body sunblock. It works great. This sun liquid is perfect. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a layer and I like the vague floral scent it leaves behind.

The packaging is really nice because it’s so small. I can bring this in my bag and be able to reapply areas throughout the day. Obviously, this bottle wouldn’t cut it for beach days or longer days outside. Keeping this in the office in the summer or in a gym bag to apply after exercise are where this little bottle comes in handy.

The cost is the only thing I don’t love. A quick price check online shows you can score this bottle for $10-$17USD. The bottle is 50mL.

I bought mine in Korea so it wasn’t actually that expensive, especially since it came with special extras.

While the price is a bit high, it doesn’t deter me from buying it again. I think it’s worth its value.

It hasn’t given me a rash, irritated my skin in another way or given me a breakout. The ghoulish cast is pretty minimal though, depending on how dark I am, I tend to avoid having my photo taken.

would i repurchase?


Nature Republic UV lock flower non chemical sun liquid (50ml) can be found online at at Nature Republic stores.


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