Sample Selection Saturday | Tarte ReCreate primer

AMtoPM Tarte ReCreate primer.jpgWhen I buy – or use – primer, it has to pass two tests: keeping my makeup on my face and keeping my face on the dewy side of shiny.

That’s all I ask of it.

I don’t expect it to keep my face matte-free, especially in the middle of summer. I’m not asking it to create miracles.

What is it

This is a silicon-free primer that is supposed to have anti-aging properties.

In brief: the good and the ugly

The good:

It is odorless. It’s also easy to apply and it doesn’t weigh my skin down.

The primer tamped down some of my shininess when I applied it over my sunscreen.

It held up after two hours of exercise outside in the sunshine. The only shiny parts on my face were the sides of my nose. Super effective in this regard.

Under foundation and makeup, it held fairly well. It was pretty hydrating and it left me a little dewy. (That could have been the primer, in combination with the makeup.)

After some pretty intense dancing and a night on the town, I looked dewy and not at all a hot, shiny mess. This one’s a winner!

The ugly:

I can’t speak to the anti-aging properties in this primer. I don’t have a large enough sample and I haven’t been using this for very long enough that I can speak about that.

When I put the primer on top of my sunscreen, it tends to rub the sunscreen out. This, in turn, would force me to reapply sunscreen and wait all over again to reapply the primer or forgo the primer altogether.

In this respect, I don’t think I would pick this up in a store. I’m outside whenever I can swing it this summer and I’d rather be totally protected and shiny, as opposed to maybe protected but totally matte.

This was an amazing primer under makeup, but I rarely put on a full face. I can’t justify actually buying this product.

Would I purchase?


*Good thing, too. Apparently this is discontinued.


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