Sample Selection Saturday | Innisfree Eco Science Skin

AMtoPM innisfree eco science skin toner.jpeg

The last of the July Sample Selections! Up this week is Innisfree’s Eco Science Skin. Unlike last week, Innisfree still sells this line (see?!). Score!

This is pretty amazing, so it would have been a major shame if the line was discontinued.

what is it:

A toner, which took me forever to figure out and which I had to research before I was completely certain that’s what it was. This line is an anti-aging line derived from ocean plants found near and in Jeju, a big island off the Korean mainland.

In brief: the Good and the Ugly

The good: 

Strictly talking about the sample, it has a couple days’ worth of applications. Twice daily applications. You don’t need a lot of product for the face and neck – about five or six drops.

Based on that, the full-sized bottle will go a long way. (As a full-sized product, this is pretty decently priced at 23,000W, which is roughly $23CDN.) I found the toner to be runny, but a little thicker like a serum.

Definitely a toner, though. I found it to be non-irritating, moisturizing and didn’t leave a weird finish on my skin. Its scent is awesome, but a bit strong at first. It’s fresh and perfect for summer since it smells like a beach day. It has a subtle sea smell.

A personal preference, I really like that this product is EcoCert certified. This “skin” is an “organic cosmetic” and has at least 95 per cent of its plant-based ingredients that come from organic farming. Doubly awesome for my skin!

The ugly: 

The scent is a little strong for my tastes, but it isn’t unpleasant. It leaves a subtle scent, but it takes a while before it diffuses.

Would I purchase?


Innisfree eco science skin (120ml) can be found on Global GMarket and Innisfree World. It retails for $31CDN.


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