Sample Selection Saturday | The Face Shop Intevia Active Original Emulsion

AMtoPM the face shop emulsion.jpeg

The Face Shop is amazing. I get samples just by going there sometimes. Well, not just by going there, I think you have to hit some sort of quota. Although those baskets they hand out sometimes have a sample just there.

Anyway, this week’s sample selection is care of The Face Shop.

What is it?

Apologies, I’ve scratched most of the writing off the tiny bottle. This is from The Face Shop’s Intevia line. Placenta proteins, apparently, were part of the ingredient list.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your view, The Face Shop has since discontinued this line.

FYI: The emulsion is a light moisturizer, that typically follows toner and essence/serum.

In brief: The good and the ugly

The good:

It’s an okay moisturizer. Light and perfect for the summer, providing enough moisture to the skin without weighing it down.

The ugly:

The smell is a bit off-putting. I don’t know how to describe it. Like a foul-smelling flower would be the closest thing comparable.

The texture it left on my face felt a bit weird. After a while, once it dried, I touched my face and it felt as if I had put mattifying primer on top. (I did not).

My skin felt moisturized, it was just accompanied by a weird texture. I’m not a fan.

I’m sure the placenta proteins that were in this emulsion was minimal. But that idea of putting something like that on my skin sort of grosses me out. This coming from the girl who slathers on snail cream daily.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Would I purchase?


The Face Shop Intevia Active Original Emulsion is discontinued.


2 thoughts on “Sample Selection Saturday | The Face Shop Intevia Active Original Emulsion

  1. Hi, this actually says it uses a synthetic protein similar to placenta, so no need to be grossed out. It’s not literally placenta.

    1. Good to know! For a while that was a really big thing: placenta in skin care. I’m glad it’s not someone’s placenta, but a test tube concoction!

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