Review | L’Oréal Ombrelle Face SPF 45

AMtoPM L'Oréal Ombrelle Face

I love sunscreen. I love wearing it. I wear it every day on my face, neck and chest. I’d like to say it’s because I want to be sun smart

But, really, it’s because I want to put of wrinkles for as long as I can.

Shallow? Maybe, but it’s motivation enough for me to diligently put it on, every day, without fail since I was 10.

For someone who loathes any sort of routine, it’s a big accomplishment for me.

It also doesn’t hurt that this is one of the best chemical sunscreens I’ve used. Ever.

What is it

A chemical sunscreen for your face. It has SPF 45 and has the following chemical ingredients, Mexoryl XL, Parsol 1789 and Mexoryl SX.

Mexoryl XL and SX are chemical filters available in sunscreens in Canada and Europe. They protect against UVA and UVB rays.

L’Oréal Ombrelle for the Face also comes in SPF 30 and SPF 60.


I like that this is in a very convenient tube. At 75ml, it’s a pretty decent size. If you don’t venture outside of the office or class often enough, it could last a whole year.

Pro tip: Once you’ve squeezed the life out of the tubes, grab a pair of scissors and snip the top. Proceed to scoop out all the remains. It’s probably a lot more than you thought would be there.

First Impressions

I really like this sunscreen for my face. It doesn’t really have a smell and its consistency is great. It’s the Goldilocks of consistencies, actually. Somewhere in the middle between too runny and too goopy. Just right.

This is a chemical sunscreen, so having a white cast on my face isn’t that much of an issue.

This lasts me most of the day, but I do notice I get shinier as the day goes on.


This is a good-sized moisturizer. Perfect for just your face. I like that there are lots of filters in this moisturizer.

I’m often indoors and I never need to reapply. But this is just as great for days when I’m headed to the beach or spending more time outside. The moisturizer feels so light and application never feels too heavy. Even reapplying doesn’t bog my skin down!

I like that there are so many filters in this moisturizer. This is mainly a chemical sunscreen, but there is also some titanium dioxide in this face cream.

What I don’t like is its price. At 75ml, it normally retails for around $20CDN. While I don’t like shelling so much money, I think it’s definitely worth it. I buy one of these bottles a year. Maybe two, if I’m going on a lot of vacations or beach trips.

I’d rather take a $20-40 hit to my wallet than go without and be saddled with some serious sun damage.

Would I repurchase?


Pro tip: This is on sale at Well right now for $15.99CDN.

L’Oréal Ombrelle for the Face can also be found at Shoppers, London Drugs and Loblaws.


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