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This is cleanser unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. First off, it’s green. Second, it’s made of clay. Third, it’s in a tub. The woman at Lush had to cut the cleanser off from a larger roll. But I didn’t allow any of those concerns to detract me from purchasing it. In fact, a good number of those reasons made me game enough to try it out!

What is it:

Herbalism is a cleanser from Lush. As you can see, it’s very green. The cleanser has an almond and kaolin clay base (ingredients 1 and 2, based on the Lush website) and no preservatives or nasty stuff like parabens.

Save for one ingredient, it’s made up of natural ingredients.


Lush claims this cleanser will mattify oily skin and help soothe troubled, congested skin.


I like simple design. I have so many products lined up on my vanity and corralled into baskets, of various sizes, colours and containers that sometimes just staring at them makes me break into hives and stress out. It’s visually
unappealing. Not so with Lush.

Their products have pretty uniform containers – black tubs or aluminum tins – if any. Despite how uniform the packaging is in the store, this is the first time I’ve seen cleanser packaged like this. In a solid form. In a clay form. In a tub. Cut from a roll inside the store. As of now, I still like the novelty of it all. AMtoPM lush herbalism anthonyAnother thing I appreciate is the little expiry sticker. It tells me who made this roll, when it was made and how long I have till I should toss it. If you exist and you’re reading this, Anthony, thanks so much for making this batch!

How to use it:

I got a demo of this in the store by a Lush associate, so I knew what I was getting into and how to use this. Pinch a little bit off (about the size of a pea) and add a little water to the mix. Create a paste with your hands by mixing the water and clay together. Get into a consistency that you like and spread it on your face, neck or anywhere else you want to use this.

First impressions:

I like the smell of Herbalism. It smells earthy and, well, herbal-y. It’s a very subtle scent and doesn’t stay with you after you rinse. It was a bit hit and miss for me just trying to get the right ratio of water and clay, but I really liked the gentle exfoliation of the almonds. I wasn’t sure I would find it gentle, but the almonds are very finely ground.

As far as I can tell, my batch doesn’t have any almond shards in it. It was definitely a little messy on application and rinsing off, but I really like how my skin felt afterwards.

Herbalism didn’t leave a greasy residue nor did it leave a too-tight, too-clean feeling. My skin just felt moisturized where it needed to be and clean of excess oil where it needed it.


I really like the idea of Herbalism. Going through my skin care routine is now a meditative ritual for me. Just using this cleanser is like a mini ritual: pinching off a bit, creating the paste, spreading it out and rinsing it off.

I love that this is mostly natural. It’s nice to be able to read the ingredients label and not have to look something up. Every day I’m learning about a new ingredient that I should screen for and avoid.

I also love that this has a very firm expiry date. There are no preservatives in this cleanser, so you can’t really shrug and think of the “use before” date as a guideline. Or, completely disregard it. I know it can happen! As I’m a stickler for using up all my products before their “use by” dates, this doesn’t really bother me. I went for a small tub because I wasn’t entirely sure that I would like it (FYI: Lush does have a return policy if you’re unsatisfied and can give you samples of stuff.). If I’m going by the sticker, lovely Anthony (who made this batch for me) gives me three months to use this. I purchased this last month and have used it for about six weeks. The label says this is good till August.

If I was only using this on my face, I’d be totally screwed. I have a lot of product left. Luckily, I can use this on my body, too! Haven’t tried that out yet, but will post an update if I do. There is one aspect where Herbalism has let me down.

I’m not really excited about this weird residue I get on some parts of my forehead. After rinsing, most of my face feels clean and moisturized. On my forehead it’s a bit of a different story. The sides of my forehead – from my hairline to my temples – feels just a tad oily. Weirdly, the rest of my forehead does not.

This is a recent development and I might just have to chalk it up to the warmer weather. As far as the claims go, it didn’t really do anything to mattify my skin. In fact, my forehead did feel a bit greasy using this. It should be noted it didn’t look oily.

I normally don’t have troubled, congested skin but I did use this while I was going through some hormonal breakouts. My skin didn’t feel any different or see any improvement with this cleanser.

It didn’t make it worse though!

Would I repurchase?

Yes. (Maybe.) Herbalism can be found online at in Lush stores in packages of 100g ($13.95 CDN) and 250g ($33.95 CDN).


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