Weleda Wild Rose body lotion

Sample Selection Saturday | Weleda Wild Rose Pampering Body Lotion

Weleda Wild Rose body lotionSample Selection Saturday is a new column where, every week, I will review a sample that has somehow landed on my lap.

Wild Rose body lotion was a bonus that I got when I purchased Weleda’s Skinfood.

My body was definitely not pampered by this lotion. I applied it after my shower first thing in the morning and I used it all up in one go. Several hours later and my nose is still recovering from the fake rose smell.

In brief: The good and The ugly

The good:

It’s a pretty good-sized sample (20ml).

It comes in a pretty tube, easy to tote around in a purse and use as hand lotion.

The ingredient list. With the exception of fragrance, because I never know exactly what that entails, I only had to look up one ingredient. Glyceryl Stearate SE is an emulsifier (stabilizer) derived from vegetables. It can be found in cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, creams and lotions.

The ugly:

The smell. I’m not one who loves scented products as it is, but I think this might even offend people who do like scents. You’d think with “wild rose” in the name it would smell like roses, but it does not. The scent is so unbelievably artificial and its a poor imitation of a floral. It is way too overpowering.

Makes sense, though. Fragrance is the seventh ingredient on the list.

I don’t normally like lotions. I find them to be a bit watery in consistency and don’t moisturize my skin as well as a cream or an oil. This Wild Rose body lotion was not an exception.

This is a very light moisturizer, probably better suited for summertime use.

(For reference, it’s summer now and it still doesn’t make the cut with me.)

Would I purchase?



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