Review | Missha all-around safe block SPF25 (kids)

AMtoPM Missha safe block SPF25

“Kids. For kids,” said the saleswoman in broken English.

“Yes, I know,” I replied in Korean.

“금!” she said pointing to the bear on the box. Presumably emphasizing the kids’ aspect of this sunblock.

“Yes, I know,” I replied again in Korean.

“금!” she jabbed at the bear one last time before venturing to find another customer, hopefully with enough sense not to buy products designed for children.

I was looking for a portable sunblock for sensitive skin. This bear and his sunblock checked off all the boxes.

What is it

A physical sunblock designed for kids and sensitive adults.


This really does appeal to kids! There’s a bear on the front, after all.

I like the sunny yellow background. It’s a good reminder to use it on sunny days. Plus it’s so cheerful and reminds me of summer. If you look closely, the pattern is a bunch of suns! I like that it’s in a small size. It fits easily into even my smallest purse and is good for small touch ups throughout the day.

First impressions

I like that I can carry this, apply and go about my day without waiting 20 minutes for the sunscreen to work. Unlike most mineral sunscreens, this doesn’t turn weird and ashy on me. I don’t have any white casts on me so this is relatively photo-friendly.

Even though this is for the body, I have used this on my face and haven’t broken out. It’s light, scent free and goes on effortlessly.


I’ve used this on my face and body. It hasn’t broke me out. I like the scent and I love that I can just apply and go. I hate and love the size of this. It’s small enough to take everywhere; on the other hand, it’s too small. I love the consistency of the product but I find myself to be a bit upset that this only comes in one size.

Another selling point for me is that this safe block doesn’t have parabens, mineral oil or artificial colours. I never really know what’s in my products, so it’s nice to know what’s not in them.

I bought this at a 1+1 sale. Normally it goes for 10,000W or $14USD on the Missha site. (Canadians, we are out of luck. Missha’s site doesn’t sell this particular sunblock.) This is a pretty pricey sunscreen, especially when you consider how much you get – 60ml in a tube that’s 2/3 full.

I would save this for unexpected outings, not days when you know you’re going to be at the beach all day. There’s so little of it and you have to reapply every so often.

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time at the park or just out after work, so I’m almost finished with one bottle. I’d say with casual use, you could probably get away a couple weekends’ worth of sun protection. I’m a very small person (5’/152 cm), so maybe on a regular person it’s more like a weekend of sun protection.

With that said, I would still repurchase one for sunblock on the go. It doesn’t feel heavy, it doesn’t sweat off or streak and it doesn’t leave me with a weird white cast.

It makes it easy to apply and reapply.

Would I repurchase?



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