Haul | Lush

lush herbalism full of grace mask of magnaminty
I’ve always been intrigued by Lush.

It always smells amazing every time I walk by! And I’ve never seen soap in those shapes and colours before.

On a whim, I went in and ended up buying a couple of things. I didn’t count on walking out with so much; luckily it was all stuff I was running low on.

Special thanks to the nice woman at Lush who demonstrated most of the products on me.

1. Herbalism cleanser – This cleanser is not like any other cleanser I’ve ever used. It’s green, for one. And clay. And stored in a tub.

While Herbalism is a cleanser, it’s got some exfoliating properties with the ground almond base. So excited to try this out!

2. Mask of magnaminty (sample) – It’s a cleanser and it’s a mask. Beyond that, I don’t know much else about it. I’m excited to try this out also!

3. Mint Julips lip exfoliator – A sugary base that you can lick off after you rub onto your dry lips.

4. Full of grace serum – Don’t let the bar shape throw you, it really is a serum. Just rub onto palms or rub directly onto the face and massage the serum into your skin.

Reviews to come soon!


Lush Herbalism cleanser
Lush Mask of Magnaminty


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