Empties | May

AMtoPM May empties

One of my skin resolutions this year was to use up my products.

Like, completely.

It’s usually very hard for me.  I buy something, I fall in love, I obsess over it for a minute and then the love is gone.

Half of the product still intact. Untouched. Casually tossed over for the next new thing I’ve fallen in love with.

I’m over it.

So I’m really excited! This month I finished off 5 products!

1. Dr. Bronner’s tea tree cleanser/soap: I love Dr. Bronner’s. My favourite is the peppermint-scented soap, but tea tree is really great too. You don’t need a lot and I use it for everything: face cleanser, soap, hand soap, shampoo, shaving cream. Dr. Bronner’s has saved me a ton of money. Another plus – reading the manifesto label has given me endless entertainment.

Can be found at Superstore, Whole Foods, and natural health stores.

2. DHC cleanser: I reviewed this a while back, and it’s still one of my favourite oil cleansers. Definitely hard to find now that I’m back in Canada, but so worth it.

Can be found off Amazon, Ebay and the DHC site.

3. Juice Beauty sensitive apple mask: I love this chemical exfoliator!  And it’s pretty low-maintenance. I used this once a week and I was rewarded with clear, bright skin.

Can be found online at Murale.

4. Egyptian magic: This is a really good, multitasking balm. Especially handy during the winter to keep dry, flaky skin at bay. Loved the way my skin soaked it up and gained all that moisture. Absolutely hated the price. It’s pricey at $50CDN, but a little goes a long way. Pretty good value and you can use it most anywhere: hands, feet, elbows – even lips! 

Can be found online and at Whole Foods stores.

5. Nature Republic eco mild sunscreen: I love this little thing so much that I recently bought two! Oil free, non-irritating and not greasy. What’s not to love? Expect a longer in-depth review soon.

Can be found online. 


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