face shop volcanic blackhead clay

Review | The Face Shop New Zealand Volcanic Clay Blackhead Clay Nose Pack

face shop volcanic blackhead clayPhew. That’s certainly a mouthful, isn’t it?

Blackheads are annoying, aren’t they? Since I was 11, I’ve been plagued by them. Annoying black freckles scattered all over my nose.

I’ve made it one of my missions to find a way to banish them for good.

Enter The Face Shop’s New Zealand Volcanic Clay Blackhead Nose Pack.

What is it:

Exactly what The Face Shop described. A clay nose pack to target blackheads. Now, The Face Shop also offers this formula in the regular blackhead sheets. I just happened to choose this one because you can peel the clay when you’re done.

More messy; more fun!


It comes in a small tube. Since you don’t need a lot of product – it is a nose pack, after all – this is actually a large size.

I find the packaging to be a bit childish and cluttered. All description and tiny graphics. From far away, I can only glean this thing is made of volcanic clay.

Not what it can do. Not what it is.

Just volcanic clay.

If I were just browsing, I’d probably give this a pass.

I get that most people don’t buy these things because of what they look on the outside, but on the promise of what’s inside and what it can do to transform skin.

Still, though.

Packaging should count for something.

First impressions:

This clay is a bit more substantial than regular clay masks I own. The Face Shop’s blackhead pack is super thick and goopy. Also, very sticky.


It’s also very difficult to spread. Too much and the clay glob sticks to itself and not my nose. I have to take pains to make sure not too much comes out at a time so I can spread it evenly.


The Face Shop is one of my go-to brands because almost all of my purchases have been pretty good.

But this nose pack is just OK.

It definitely works. Peeling off the pack once it’s dry is proof of that.

Plus, it’s fun to peel it off. And all sorts of disgusting/fascinating to see what used to be on your nose.

But I can’t get past the smell. The clay pack has a very strong smell; heavy on the alcohol. As this is on my nose, I can’t stand having this on for a full 10-15 minutes. It makes me kind of nauseous.

It’s also difficult to apply, thanks to its viscosity (hard to spread, let alone evenly).

I would probably give the sheets a try, though. A shame! The peeling part was what I enjoyed about using this!

Would I repurchase?


The Face Shop’s New Zealand Volcanic Clay nose pack can be found online.



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