Review | Thayers Witch Hazel with Aloe toner

AMtoPM thayers unscented

I once thought that toners were one of those “extra” products. But one day, I haphazardly swiped my face with a cotton pad, and looked down.

So. I was wrong.

Toners are now a regular part of my regime. And one that I really like is from Thayers.

What is it:

Thayers has a whole line of these, but as I am a bit sensitive to smells, I chose the unscented version.


I really like it. It’s boring. But clean!

I love clean packaging!

And, to me, sometimes that’s all you need.

Toner is all about clarity. I’m glad the packaging reflects the product.

Plus: I’m so glad Thayers has a squirt top. I love squirt tops!

The good:
• you can control the amount of product that comes in
• squirt bottles are fun! I am absurdly gleeful  every time I use one. Especially when you start to get to the end and all the product comes flying out…this is probably just me. I will stop talking, now.

The bad:
• tendency to overestimate the amount of product that will come out.

First impressions:

I was super excited to try Thayers. I wanted to have something that was natural, because I have a tendency to pile on products – cleanser/moisturizer/SPF/face stuff + masks/peels/etc.

Plus, Thayers was one of the few products I recognized and could understand.

Translation: it was in English and I saw it at Whole Foods a couple times.

I really liked it. It was what I was looking for in a toner: natural and cleansing.

I didn’t break out. My skin didn’t react. And it cleansed my face of any remaining pollution, makeup or skin stuff my cleanser didn’t take off.

toner+cotton pads=<3
toner + cotton pads = ❤

I would definitely buy this again.

I’ve since come to realize that I could use this toner in other ways, such as:

• a really lazy form of cleansing, like those cleansing wipes. Now, I can hear some of you scoffing. But one day you’ll come home strolling in at 2 a.m. and you’ll be thankful you have some toner and some cotton pads around. Trust.
•  an added source of moisturizer. Spritz and pat into skin before serums or moisturizer. Definitely a good extra step during winter.

I bought this out of North America, which I wouldn’t recommend as the cost is crazy high. If you are abroad, I highly recommend iHerb.

If you are in North America, Thayers can be found at select health stores and your neighbourhood Whole Foods for ~$10USD/CDN.

Will I repurchase?


Thayers can be found at specialty health stores, Whole Foods and online at iHerb and


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