Review | Skinfood 40 per cent shea butter body cream

Winter really does a number on my skin. It becomes super dry, rough and flaky. A friend of mine recommended this to me. Apparently, this cream had “saved her skin”. Naturally, I dragged her to the nearest Skinfood to buy some.

What is it?:

A rich body cream with a lot of shea butter. It’s part of Skinfood’s shea butter line, which includes body wash, body mist and emulsion.
Smells like shea butter. Looks like shea butter. Shea butter is the first ingredient.

Even ahead of water! Yay!



This cream comes in one size: 200g. It also comes in a handy, convenient tube so you can bring this with you to work and school if you want to.

It’s pretty plain, but I like the yellow. Something about it makes me less depressed that it’s cold and wintry.

The only thing I don’t like is the weird “creamy and moist” description on the front. I already know it’s creamy, Skinfood. I’m buying cream, after all. But that’s just a personal thing for me – I just hate the word “moist”.

First impressions:

I normally prefer body oil as a moisturizer, but the cream just hits the spot right now. It’s just more substantial and perfect for winter weather. It’s dense, white and has a slight shea butter smell. It really is very subtle and doesn’t last for that long after application.


The lotion goes on really smooth. It doesn’t feel heavy, sinks in pretty quickly and doesn’t leave a residue.


I really like this cream. My skin drank this up and didn’t get irritated at all. I like this as more of a hands/feet/knees/elbows type of moisturizer as opposed to an allover body cream, just because there is only 200g.

I really like the portability of this cream. Skinfood made this product something you can put in your tote or medium-sized purse.

After a good month of steady use, I found all of the places I put this cream on to be softer and not as dry as the places I didn’t put it on, say, my arms and legs.

For about $10CDN/USD (10,000W), this is pretty good value. It could last all winter, depending on how often and how much you use.

Will I repurchase?

Yes. Skinfood’s shea butter cream truly is a skin saver.

Skinfood can be found online at various retailers.


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