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Backstory: I first purchased one of these two years ago after mindlessly surfing Makeup Alley, as I am sometimes wont to do. I had it stolen from me almost a year later at a Korean bathhouse. After that, a shower or bath just didn’t feel the same. It was like I could never feel clean again.

A year of finding a Salux substitute ensued. Exfoliation gloves, Italy towels, nylon towels from Daiso: none of these gave me the squeaky clean I felt with my Salux.

I couldn’t find the Salux at any of my usual haunts, so I finally caved and purchased from the Salux shop.

Since this is a blog about skin care – and since skin care doesn’t just stop at your neck – I decided to review one of my favourite things. Plus, this is just an excuse to wax poetic on something that is a definite HG product for me.

What is it?:

Salux is a long nylon wash cloth – 11″ wide and 35″ long – that comes in a variety of colours. It is amazing! It’s wonderful as an exfoliant and makes an efficient use of liquid and bar soap. Suitable for most people, though sensitive people may find it too rough and irritating.


The Salux is supposed to be fast-drying, hygienic and durable. It’s also supposed to stimulate skin and blood circulation. All of those claims are pretty accurate!

Rinse thoroughly. Not throughly.
Rinse thoroughly. Not throughly.

It looks kind of ugly, doesn’t it? It’s plastic, shiny and – worst of all – it has a typo! I don’t like the packaging at all, save for the weirdly adorable picture of the girl at the back. I suspect it’s because I like her hair wrap. I don’t think I can pull that off IRL, though…

Anyway! This is one instance where packaging didn’t sway nor deter me from purchasing. The reviews I read and mere curiosity clinched the deal for me this time.

First impressions:

There is a bit of an adjustment period with the Salux, especially if you’re coming from something like a pouf. It can feel a bit rough the first time, so take it easy the first couple times to get used to it. After that, go to town scrubbing!

Like I said, the Salux doesn’t need a lot of soap. If you use liquid, you only need a couple drops. If you use a bar, you can get away with one or two swipes. Just rub the nylon together and watch the suds form. Scrunch it up and scrub away!

This is an amazing exfoliator. I know I said it before, but it really is! Winter does a number on my skin: it’s dry, flaky and dull. A quick fix is a shower with the Salux and copious amounts of coconut oil to get back to soft, glowy and moisturized skin. Spend a little more time on rougher parts of the body like the feet, knees and elbows and you’ll find them softer as well.

The Salux is easy to clean. Just rinse with water, wring it out and let it air dry. It should be completely dry within 10 minutes.


I love my Salux. I’m not a tall person, but it has always been a struggle to reach my back. Not so with my Salux! For sheer entertainment value, I’d purchase the Salux because showers now give me an opportunity to dance – and scrub – every inch of myself clean.

It’s exfoliating, but gentle at the same time. I don’t feel like I’m being scrubbed raw, but I can definitely feel a difference with my skin. It’s just so soft!

Normally, a Salux runs for under $5 CDN. This time round, I ordered off a specialty shop and it cost a bit more. It is a bit more than other wash cloths, but I think it’s worth it. And it lasts forever. You should probably replace it, but I had mine for a whole year before it was stolen. Just sayin’.

An added bonus: it’s good for travel. It’s easy to clean, dries quickly, is light and doesn’t take much room in a bag.

Will I repurchase?:


I love this so much and I could talk about this for hours if I could. Eventually though, I’d probably stop making sense, so I’m just going to say this: Buy this. You will love it!

The Salux can be found at Asian grocery stores near you or online at the Salux shop.


4 thoughts on “Review | Salux beauty skin cloth

  1. A friend of mine from Japan brought me something like this, and I have tried it twice, but I always ended up disappointed with this. 😦
    My skin is not loving it because it doesn’t feel as soft as a sponge bath and I’m getting some scratches. Or maybe I was just overdoing it. 😀

    1. Aw! So sad! Yes; it isn’t soft at all! I’m sorry to hear you have scratches now. It can be too rough for some people. It’s always rough at the start, but it shouldn’t cause you any pain! There are softer ones – not the Salux – but I like the exfoliation.

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