Review | Etude House Wonder Pore freshner

This was one of my first Korean purchases. Etude, is quite possibly the most girly brand in Korea. I bought this product because I wanted to buy something from a store that was repped by a. a K-pop idol and b. not decked out in pink and frills.

What is it:

A toner or a mist to perk up skin throughout the day (much like mineral water). Suitable for all skin types. This product comes in three sizes: jumbo (shown), mini and as a spray.


It’s a 7-in-1 dynamo that deep cleanses pores; helps skin maintain a ph of 4.5; keeps oil on the d-l; minimizes the appearance of pores; refines the skin; keeps pore elasticity and moisturizes the skin inside and out.

Seriously? Does this work?!:

Kind of. I don’t think all the claims Etude makes are true. But I use it as a cleanser/toner and it takes off makeup really well! That’s all I really care about, anyway.


Walking into Etude House is like stepping into a Lisa Frank stationary set. It’s pink and almost disgustingly cute. The 10-year-old me would have been so happy to live there.

What struck me was that Wonder Pore is one of the few things offered that isn’t overtly cute or pink. It’s cute in a different way: a giant, blue bottle that is vaguely superhero-like. With promises to save your skin from evil villains like the oilslick and the blackhead gang.  Besides, how can you resist something called Wonder Pore?!

One thing that really kills me: freshner is actually spelled freshener. I would totally work for Etude House if they needed a proofreader. Or an English copywriter.

First impressions:

One thing I like is that Wonder Pore comes with a handy pump dispenser. So convenient! Two pumps are more than enough to tone my face and neck. As a mist, I put it in a small spray bottle and spray as needed. Refreshing!

It’s runny and clear, like most toners, and doesn’t have a strong nor an unpleasant smell to it. It’s super effective as a cleanser/toner; I’m almost scared to check the cotton pad afterwards.


Does it do all that it promises? For me: no.

I have combination skin, but during the summer (curse you, rainy season!) my skin is super oily. To the point that I wake up shiny. A swipe of this doesn’t really control oil – at least, it didn’t control my oily face.

On normal days, my T-zone isn’t super shiny, so I can’t really say if Wonder Pore is really effective in controlling sebum. I didn’t notice any difference in the size of my pores nor am I sure it did anything about my skin’s PH. It didn’t really moisturize my face, either. In fact, it’s a bit drying.

What I really love and what I really bought it for was to remove my makeup. I find Etude makeup to be really thick, so I had hoped this would be a really great makeup remover/cleanser/toner. It is and I love it!

It’s also really good value for the amount of product you get (500ml for about 9000W ($9USD/CDN).

For that, I’d definitely repurchase.

Will I repurchase?:

Maybe. On sale. Or if I’m in need of some awesome toner.

Wonder Pore freshner can be found online. 


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