Review | Aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum

aromatica rose serumWhen I was in Korea, I picked this up at an Olive Young on a whim. Korea’s Olive Young was a combo of Sephora/Shoppers Drug Mart for me. Every time I would go into one, I’d always end up buying something – even if it wasn’t necessary.

That time I went in and got this serum was one of those times.

What it is:

It’s a toner/serum for dry and sensitive skin that can be used day and night.

It’s advertised as an anti-aging product, made of 86 per cent organic aloe vera and rose oil. According to the company, the aloe helps to “protect, soothe and restore” skin balance whilst the rose oil has lightening properties which “helps to reduce pigmentation”.

First impressions:

To be honest, I bought this not just because I was at an Olive Young (and I can never leave an Olive Young without buying something), but because the packaging is just so pretty! (It’s frosted glass.)

Consistency-wise, it feels more like a serum than it does a toner.



I really liked what was in this product; rather, what it didn’t have. This doesn’t have propylene glycol, alcohol, mineral oil, nor does it have a synthetic fragrance.

Its first ingredient is aloe vera extract (86 per cent). It always bums me out when the first ingredient is water, especially if it was expensive. It always kills me to think I spent money on diluted product.

I have a sensitivity to strong smells. I prefer my products to be fragrance-free, but I really liked the rose smell the product leaves. It was natural and not overpowering.
AMtoPM Aromatica rose serum

This doesn’t have a pump, which is unfortunate. I have to shake the bottle pretty hard to get to the product. This is annoying. Especially since it’s also a glass bottle. The weight of it, plus the constant pounding on my hand is kind of too much after a long day or before I’ve had my morning tea.

I have some light pigmentation on my cheeks. As far as its claims on pigmentation, I haven’t seen a marked difference in my skin using this serum.

Will I repurchase?

Yes. It’s light and provides an extra layer of moisture under my moisturizer for colder, drier weather. In the summer, it seems like it would be a good enough to use as a moisturizer.

I really like its natural ingredient list, which I normally look for in my skin care products. I’m not normally a fan of fragrance, but I really like the rose scent with this product.

It is a bit pricey, though. It cost me 33,000W ($30 CDN) in Korea, so it’ll definitely cost more outside of the country.

Outside of Korea, Aromatica can be found online. 


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