Review | DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

I cleanse my face using OCM – the oil cleansing method. Normally, I swear by either a castor/olive oil mix or pure coconut oil to cleanse. That was a bit heavy once summer hit, so I decided to try something – sort of – new.

Enter DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

I had heard great things about it from other people and decided to give it a shot.

What is it:

DHC is a light oil-based cleanser made primarily of olive oil.  Unlike most cleansers, it doesn’t have a crazy ingredient list. It also doesn’t feel a lot like oil; it’s runny and more of a liquid.


How do you use it?:

Oil and water doesn’t mix; so apply this to your face and neck with dry hands onto a dry face. Unlike gel and liquid cleansers, you’ll have to work this into your neck and face by massaging it in. This’ll help to dissolve any makeup, dirt and pollution.

And it’s relaxing!

Rinse when you feel that you’ve cleansed enough – obviously this depends on how much makeup you’ve used, sweat, dirt, etc.

First impressions:

I like how well it cleanses and how little product I have to use to cleanse – one pump for my face; a pump and a half for my face and neck. Some people may find this method to be a bit time-consuming. I tend to do a facial massage when I cleanse my face, so this may not be for you if you’d prefer a speedier cleansing method.

This comes in a variety of sizes – which is really nice, whether you want to just sample it or take it with you for travel.


I have combination skin and I found this perfect for summer/rainy season. It was perfect for oil control. With DHC, I stopped waking up shiny.  It’s fall now and I’m back in Canada. I suspect this cleanser will be a bit drying now that colder weather has hit. Good during the spring/summer seasons, though! (Or all-round, if you have more normal or oily skin.)

Will I repurchase?


DHC’s deep cleansing oil can be found on the DHC website, Amazon, Ebay, or on


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